Today I made a realization. It is about the "true antagonist" of Total Drama. No, it's not Chris, Mal, or any of the villains you'd expect. It is...

Oh who am I kidding, you read the title of this blog and ruined the surprise. It's Mary!!!

Stick mary

Aside from her "interesting" gender-bent Harold-like design, Mary was one of the more bland characters, only talking on the episode she was eliminated. But why though, why was she quiet that whole time? It's because she was plotting, plotting how she could overthrow the show, take the money, and use for evil deeds.

Mary needed the money so she could create a weapon that is so "evil", Scarlett will admit defeat. So "evil", Max will probably get a heart attack from it. So "evil"... Crap, can't come up with another villain reaction. Oh well.

This "weapon" will not only caused massive damage to the globe, but it will slice it like knives, like shown in the back of Scarlett's audition. It's obvious that Mary was a huge fan of Scarlett and wanted to follow in her footsteps. Plus, she's a GENIUS. She is probably smarter than Scarlett in all ways.

So all together, Mary, one of TD's most bland characters, is the ultimate evil of Total Drama and everyone should fear her.

...I might as well say that Leonard is a real wizard, Ella is a real Disney Princess, and Chris, Dj, Beth, Harold, Miles, Rodney, Sam, Pete, Tom, and Mary herself are all related in some way because they all have dotted eyes.

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