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  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is Hey, did you know sharks are important for tourism?
  • I am a multi-dimensional being harboring infinite energy using this underwhelming human vessel to release the dankest memes of the future.
  • SuperMaxGuy104

    Today I made a realization. It is about the "true antagonist" of Total Drama. No, it's not Chris, Mal, or any of the villains you'd expect. It is...

    Oh who am I kidding, you read the title of this blog and ruined the surprise. It's Mary!!!

    Aside from her "interesting" gender-bent Harold-like design, Mary was one of the more bland characters, only talking on the episode she was eliminated. But why though, why was she quiet that whole time? It's because she was plotting, plotting how she could overthrow the show, take the money, and use for evil deeds.

    Mary needed the money so she could create a weapon that is so "evil", Scarlett will admit defeat. So "evil", Max will probably get a heart attack from it. So "evil"... Crap, can't come up with an…

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  • SuperMaxGuy104

    Not So Happy Campers Part 2

    22) Ezekiel

    The Big Sleep

    21) Eva


    20) Noah

    Not Quite Famous

    19) Katie

    The Sucky Outdoors

    18) Sadie

    Phobia Factor

    17) Justin

    Up The Creek

    16) Izzy

    If You Can't Take The Heat...

    15) Beth

    Who Can You Trust?

    14) Dj

    Basic Straining

    13) Courtney

    X-Treme Torture

    12) Harold

    Brunch of Disgustingness

    Team Swap/Boys v. Girls

    11) Bridgette

    No Pain, No Game


    Eva and Izzy Return

    12) Eva

    Search and Do Not Destroy

    11) Trent

    Hide and Be Sneaky

    10) Cody

    That's Off the Chain!

    9) Lindsay

    Hook, Line, and Screamer

    8) Tyler

    Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

    7) Izzy

    Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

    6) Owen

    Haute Camp-ture

    5) Leshawna

    Are We There Yeti?

    4) Geoff

    I Triple Dog Dare You!

    3) Heather

    The Very Last Episode, Really!

    1/2) Duncan

    1/2) Gwen


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