Hey guys. This is a blog to reveal what endings you personally go by or prefer. Here's mine:

Total Drama Island

Finalists: Gwen and Owen

TBH, it was really hard deciding. Both endings could be great to go by. Gwen's ending seems like it would put a great end to her story arc, but they could just substitute that with runner-up, plus Gwen experienced controversy afterwards in TDA and TDWT. All-Stars redeemed her for those mistakes, so I think of that as the end of her multi-season plot while Island didn't top something like that and was really just the beginning. Meanwhile, Owen may not have done a lot to play the game, but after seeing some TDI teasers on Cartoon Network, Owen was definitely being hyped up as an underdog. Stuff like "Probably not the big guy though." after listing who might win. When he did, it just felt meaningful in my opinion. So ultimately, I go by Owen's ending.

My Ending: Owen

Total Drama Action

Finalists: Duncan and Beth

This was hard to choose as well (though every season after that is pretty easy for me). For years after the final episode of TDA, I had always gone by Duncan's ending simply because I liked him more and it happened in my country. In fact, it was until today that I switched to Beth's ending because she had the most development and hype. From getting her braces off and being more outgoing, to mentioning a boyfriend only for no one to believe her, as well as being somewhat clumsy, made her be the biggest underdog and having the most suspense in Brady's appearance. So that pretty much sealed the deal. Beth is my choice. 

My Ending: Beth

Total Drama World Tour

Finalists: Heather and Alejandro

Unlike the previous two, this one was really easy to pick. It's easily Heather. As Fedora Kid puts it, she had a great story arc in the past three seasons from the main antagonist, to an anti-hero, to the default good guy. Her winning does it as it puts a meaningful end to all that. Alejandro? Sure he's easily one of my top ten favorite characters (if not top five), but this was his first time and he was the main antagonist. He didn't get nearly as much as meaningful storyline as Heather got. So my pick: Team Heather.

My Ending: Heather

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Finalists: Lightning and Cameron

Again, easy. Cameron is my choice. He was already being set up to be an underdog (you can tell I like that kind of stuff by now) while Lightning always felt like a gag character, but any choice of me going for Lightning was destroyed when he was bullying Cameron for "stealing his immunity," when he betrayed Cameron first by not taking him to the finish if I recall correctly. All of the pressure and intensity made me root for Cameron big time. Plus he did make big moves such as forming alliances with Mike and Zoey, as well as taking Scott and Jo out. Cameron's my pick in this scenario.

My Ending: Cameron

So there you go! :D Now it's your turn. I wanna know what endings you go by and for what reasons. Later.

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