I don't know, I just wanted to. XD

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

(Scott's POV)

I can tell from the introduction what everyone's personalities are. Jo is a competitive athlete, Mike is a Male Zoey, Zoey is a Female Mike, Dawn reads auras, B never talks, Lightning is an ego-filled muscle monster, and Brick is a military cadet. Also, Anne Maria is a sassy model, Staci is an annoying blabbermouth, Dakota is a fame-monger, Sam the gamer, and bubbles. Piece of cake.

So, the teams are here. I'm on the Toxic Rats, along with B, Sam, Lightning, Dawn, Staci, and Dakota. However, I don't know why, but I just don't like B. After Lightning failed to saw down the totem, B made a contraption that got us the totem, but the Maggots beat us, and we caught up in the river fast. We got there first, but lost. Obviously, with the rest of my team, voted out Staci.

Truth or Laser Shark

(Scott's POV)

Okay, now this is where my strategy starts kicking in. After Staci's elimination, the teams were 6-6. I secretly formed an alliance with me, Sam, Dawn, and Lightning. As much as I wanted B out with a fiery passion, I needed to make sense to the team first by booting Dakota, then B.

I came up with another part of my plan. We already lost once, and I decided to lose two more times to get rid of Dakota and B, then one more, until its 3-6. The Maggots would develop a false sense of security, and I'd work on them afterwards. I realized that my team could vote me out any time they wanted to, so I looked around for the McLean-Brand Chris Head. I didn't find anything, but I DID almost DIE.

The challenge is here, and its brutal. In fact, I was ready to leave the challenge after I found a shark tooth in my butt, not to mention losing. The next one is here. My team has a lead, I tried going slow but made it to B. To give Jo more time, I stalled. Jo got here just as B made it to the next stage, but thanks to Dakota, we lost.

That got me in the perfect spot to vote out Dakota. I told my alliance to eliminate her, and Dawn and Lightning did so. However, Sam seemed ATTRACTED to Dakota, and I think they both voted B. However, I also think that B voted for Dakota, and she was voted out, making the teams 5-6.

Ice Ice Baby

(Scott's POV)

Okay, now it's time to get rid of B. I participated in the first part, but climbed slowly. Lightning got ahead of me, but we were both knocked down. Just like that, B helped us win the challenge. That was the last straw.

We were about to have an advantage, but I stopped it at the last minute by picking the cruddier fort for a capture the flag game. As captain for the challenge, I sent Lightning and Sam out for offense, which Sam is useless at, and Lightning's ego wouldn't help much either. Then I made me, Dawn, and B have defense. Almost immediately, Sam slid on the ice going to the other fort, but the ice cracked, sending him in a frozen block of ice. Also, Lightning was knocked out by a snowball. I had weakened our offense.

The fight went on and on, but suddenly, Mike came to our flag, and threw me out the window. I noticed a contraption that started melting the Maggot's fort. Dawn had been right by me, and Lightning and Sam were temporarily disabled, so I knew B did it. Even if Mike returned the flag, the melting was too fast. Luckily, I saw Sam's ice. I threw a snowball at the contraption, the sun rays reflected off of the ice and instantly melted our fort, and I blamed B, and we had lost.

With my alliance, I convinced everyone that B was a traitor, and that was enough for Sam's vote. To persuade Dawn, I told her B hated nature, and told Lightning that B insulted him in his diary. Sure enough, B was voted out, making the teams 4-6.

Finders Creepers

(Scott's POV)

Okay, for the challenge, we had to race to the end. During the race, I tried finding the idol, but it wasn't there. Dawn and Lightning got captured early, so I decided that when we lost one more time, Sam would go. I tried slowing the pace down, and when we lost, I'd tell Dawn and Lightning that Sam slowed ME down. However, it didn't work, as the Maggots left 5 teammates behind, and we WON. Even worse, Brick moved to my team, making it 5-5! So you can tell who's my next target now.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

(Scott's POV)

I've had it with Brick. He ruins my work, and now he wakes me up way too early with his stupid alarm clock? He's next! After this, when the Maggots were sleeping, I stole Jo's whistle and Anne Maria's hairbrush. Meanwhile, I stole Lightning's protein powder, and gave myself an alibi, by throwing my shark tooth in the stuff too, and hid it under Brick's bed until the time was right to expose him.

Brick won the first challenge for us, so I decided to throw the second part. Lightning drove, while I gunned. Luck came when Jo shot a seagull at Lightning, making him loopy, and we stopped skiing. The catch in our fate was, I accidently scored a point. Luckily, the Maggots tied it 1-1.

Dawn came up with a strategy for us to make it. I was still gunning, Sam started driving, and Brick and Dawn used Lightning as their skis. Dawn made me promise I wouldn't fire another gull, and I did, after I wasted our second to last one. Around that time, Jo's gun got jammed, but only me and Dawn noticed. The last bell came, so I shot Sam in the back with our last seagull, and Cameron took it for the Maggots from there, sending us to vote someone off. I noticed Dawn got suspicious of me, and eavesdropped her in the confessional. Here's what I heard:

Dawn: (confessional) Jo's gun was jammed. The gull that hit Sam could have only come from our boat! I swear by the great Earth mother, I will expose Scott for the traitor he is!

Earlier I noticed that Dawn was putting things in her garbage bag, so I got the items from under Brick's bed, and put them in the bag. Later, I told her in front of everyone that she left her bag on the boat, and spilled everything out. People were furious, and my entire team voted out Dawn, and before she could expose me, she got hurled. Hello Final 9!

Runaway Model

(Scott's POV) Today, with the merge coming any day, I started working on the Maggots. However, in the Rat cabin, I noticed that Lightning and Sam had a fight about who is more athletic, obviously Lightning was stronger, so I allied with him, and Brick joined too. That way, if we lost once more, Sam would go, and not me. Later on in the challenge, when we tried to find Lindsay, I came across Zoey. She'd be the perfect start of defeating the Maggots.

Scott: *fake cries*

Zoey: *doesn't hear him*

Scott: *cries more*

Zoey: *hears him, stops and talks* Scott, are you okay?

Scott: This is all my fault!

Zoey: What do you mean?

Scott: My team voted off Dawn behind my back, and she's the only one who could talk to that big ape! Lindsay's doomed! *cries*

Zoey: Aw, don't blame yourself. It'll all work out in the end, you'll see.

So now, Zoey is under my thumb, but I still have a long way to go. This made her simply pity me, and I'll only grow from there.

When we found Lindsay, me, Lightning, and Brick started cornering the Yeti, but we were knocked down. Sam tried, but easily failed when he made the top, and was knocked down also. We lost again, and my alliance voted out Sam.

However, Chris announced a surprise. Me and Jo were switching teams! I greeted Zoey, and she looked conflicted, as well as Mike. I knew then that they liked each other so I had to make a big leap. First, I had her feel pity. Check. Next, I'll give off the air as a nice guy and impress her. Finally, I'd gain her final ounce of trust, and she'd be my ally.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

(Scott's POV)

So, I decided to sabotage the Maggots, because it was 3-5. However, almost immediately, it proved it would be trickier, because this team was smarter. I decided on two things to do: One, give the air of a gentleman to Zoey, and two, look for the idol. I offered to protect the ladies in the back of the mine carts, and that farthered it. However, Anne Maria coldly refused, so first chance I get, she's out.

After that, I started looking for the idol, and we landed in some water. Me, Anne, and Zoey did, anyway. But guess what? Underwater, I had found the McLean-Brand Chris Head, and put it in my pocket! Later, I "accidently" lost the statue, but it got caught in Anne Maria's hair, and we won. Brick was later eliminated, but luckily, Anne Maria quit, putting me in the final 6. However, Dakota returned to the Maggots as a replacement. It could be good, actually. Maybe Dakota could join my future alliance with Zoey and vote out either Cameron or Mike.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

(Scott's POV)

Recently, I've noticed something going on between Mike and Cameron, and I need to find out. We, unfortunately, won the first challenge. In the second part, I had three top goals. Earn Zoey's full loyalty, lose, and find out about Mike and Cameron.

The first goal was quickly accomplished, and I turned Zoey against Mike, and formed an alliance with her. Then, in the swamp when we were under attack, I stole the compass and ruined to map, and I blamed Mike. However, Cameron's brains managed to point the direction anyway. Still, I later tricked them into digging in the wrong spot, and the remaining Rats (Jo and Lightning) won.

Before the vote, Zoey told me she wanted to vote out Dakota, so I agreed. I also tricked Cameron into revealing great info. Mike has MPD! So I think Cameron would help him control it if Mike votes me out. Well now, they can get Dakota's swing vote. I don't care. So Cameron, Mike, and Dakota will vote for me, while me and Zoey vote off Dakota.

At the ceremony, I was voted off, but played the idol. As the person with the second most amount of votes, Dakota went home. So now, Jo and Lightning have their own Rat alliance, Cameron and Mike have theirs, and I've got mine. Luckily, the merge will probably be tomorrow.

Grand Chef Auto

(Scott's POV)

The merge is finally here, and Cameron spilled more beans about Mike's MPD, like how to activate Vito by taking off his shirt. I noticed Mike growing closer to Zoey, and he could convince her to vote for me! So now my next target is Mike! I talked to Mike in private, and struck a deal with him. He helps me wins today's challenge and I won't tell Zoey the truth about him, and he agreed. We found our keys for the go-carts in Chef's kitchen. I got Mike to give me the gold key.

After that, Chris told us that the winner of the challenge would pick who goes tonight, and I knew Mike would help me win, and I'll use the single vote to eliminate him. I quickly got the gold go-kart, but it didn't work, so Mike gave me a tow.

I looked on the GPS, and Cameron was in the lead, followed by Zoey, and me and Mike followed her. When we arrived at Mt. Looming Tragedy, Cam was still there with Zoey in the lead. I tagged first, then Mike, and we followed Zoey.

On the way to the mutant tree, Jo and Lightning broke out of Chef's reach, Jo passed Cameron, he's following her, followed by Lightning. Chris also added a fourth landmark. When we got to the second, Zoey was on her way to the third. I let Mike get beaten up by the tree so I could tag it, then we persuited Zoey. Lightning passed Jo and Cameron, and we reached the third landmark.

Zoey was on her way to the top, so Mike gave me a boost. Zoey almost tagged it, but I left her dangling after I hit her with my can, then I tagged the landmark. Mike defied me to help her, so I ripped of his shirt, turning him Vito. I told him that if he gave me a tow to the fourth landmark, I'd take him to Anne Maria. He agreed, then when we reached Mt. Chrismore, I knocked him out, continuing to climb it. Just as I was about to, Lightning finally caught up, and tagged it. Chris told us that the fourth landmark was a prank, and it depended on who completely tagged the third. I had won invincibility!

At the ceremony, I cast my vote, and I chose Mike to be eliminated, and I'm in the final five.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

(Scott's POV)

Me and Zoey hate each other now, and we'll vote for each other, I'm sure. Normally, she'd bud up with Cam and vote me out, but he's busy with Jo, and Lightning wants Cam's loyalty too. So all I have to do right now is stay unnoticed.

(After elimination)

Well here's how the votes went down. I voted for Zoey, Zoey voted for me, Jo voted Lightning, Lightning voted Jo, and Cameron voted for... Jo. So now, I'm in the final four.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

(Scott's POV)

Today, I caught Zoey and Cameron plotting to vote me off together, and they said that they could possibly get Lightning to vote for me too. So I decided to come up with a plan. I grabbed my rope, pulled the tree branch, and Cameron fell in my snare, hurling him across the island. Zoey fell too, but I caught her and pulled a polite attitude. I told her that Lightning is a physical threat and me, her, and Cam could all vote him off, but Zoey rejected. I had a Plan B though, and it was join forces with Lightning and vote off Zoey. He agreed, but Zoey and Cam would still vote me off, so during the challenge, I lied to Cameron that Zoey wanted to vote off Lightning, and he said he would.

This is perfect! Zoey will vote for me, Cam is voting Lightning, and me and Lightning will both vote for Zoey, and she's gone! Then the final three would be me, Lightning, and Cameron. I'd tell Cam I'd help him rid Lightning so he doesn't have a disadvantage. I would backstab Lightning with Cameron, and squash bubble boy until I win the million dollars! It's too late to stop me now.

I won the first challenge, but lost the second due to Fang, my arch-enemy. At the ceremony, Cameron was safe, and the votes were: 1 for Zoey, 1 for me, and 1 for Lightning. Everything was going as expected until the last vote was for me! I voted Zoey, Cam voted Lightning, but Zoey must have convinced Lightning to vote me off! In the end, I ranked 4th out of 13.

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