Wow, first blog since last year. May as well post this then. 

Last night, I dreamt about something. And it wasn't just something... it was Total Drama. And it wasn't just Total Drama either... it was the new season! I remember it was the first episode as a preview, and the season was being promoted by Fresh TV to air summer 2017 (I wish it were actually that close).


First of all, it was taking place on Pahkitew Island again, except the movie challenges from Total Drama Action were back. So maybe this time, it was titled Total Drama: Pahkitew Action?

The challenge in my dream was the Alien challenge, there were no teams but groups just like in the TDA episode. The cast had to grab an egg and bring it to Chris, who was making things harder for them by shooting lazers at the castmates.

Also, despite the location, no one from TDPI was competing again, although production actually considered to bring Amy and Samey back but decided against it, but my dream didn't say why. Whatever the reason though, it wouldn't be a good one. #BringThemBack


  • Alejandro - Alejandro was back for this season, and he was basically a TDA Heather. No one liked or trusted him, and he went by himself in the alien challenge. He also had a few moments of him vs. Owen, Tyler, and Noah (CIRRRRH reunion! <3).
  • Owen - Came back for this season, and was in a friendship alliance with Noah (and was on good terms with Tyler), who he did the challenge with. Unlike Tyler and Noah he was actually pretty forgiving of Alejandro, even though I think Alejandro tried to turn him against them.
  • Noah - Same as Owen. Was the most vocal critic of Alejandro.
  • Tyler - Same as first two and was actually the second biggest critic of Alejandro, apparently no longer having a friendship with him. Didn't actually go with Owen and Noah though and instead was in a group with Brick and Anne Maria. Got hurt a lot.
  • Brick - Went with Tyler and Anne Maria in the challenge. Also got hurt a lot.
  • Anne Maria - Went with Tyler and Brick and actually had no major incident. Apparently got to be good friends with Brick.
  • Courtney - Went alone during the challenge and wanted to mend her relationship with Scott, but didn't know if he'd be up for it anymore (so yeah there'd be Scoutney in the season). She actually sang about her situation in song too. My mind is cheesy af.
  • Scott - Also went alone during the challenge and wanted to mend his relationship with Courtney, but didn't know if she would be interested at this point.
  • Katie and Sadie - Did the challenge together and haven't changed a bit since Island.

And that's about it for this dream (at least as much as I can remember). What are your thoughts on the concept of this season and what do you think the elimination order would be? 

I'm out, and hopefully back with another blog sooner rather than later.

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