After doing some very, very hard squinting, this is my result for the All-Stars teams.

Heroic Hamsters

  1. Courtney
  2. Lindsay
  3. Sierra
  4. Mike
  5. Zoey
  6. Cameron
  7. Sam

Villainous Vultures

  1. Heather
  2. Duncan
  3. Gwen
  4. Alejandro
  5. Lightning
  6. Jo
  7. Scott


On the heroes, Cameron, Mike, and Zoey might make a "Friendship Alliance" that dominates the first vote, resulting in Courtney's elimination, voting based on who has "hogged their spotlight". Now they have half the team under control, but troubles based on the alliance are already forming. Mike, who is supposedly cured, has a new evil personality that becomes the main antagonist of the season. This personality is much harder to control, as it is tough to get out of once in. His personality switches alliances from the "Friendship Alliance" to Sierra, Sam, and Lindsay. Cameron is eliminated in the second elimination as a result.

Meanwhile at the Villains, Duncan and Gwen immediately ally. Alejandro suspects that this "Couples Alliance" is a threat, and makes another "Couples Alliance" with Heather. Lightning and Jo target each other, and Scott plays both sides of the fence. He sides with Lightning, as he is easier to control. Duncan and Gwen both flip to Scott and Lightning, knowing they are on the chopping block. The four votes off Jo, Alejandro and Heather vote Duncan to weaken Gwen (at Heather's request), and Jo votes Lightning. In a 4-2-1 vote, Jo is the third person voted out.

It is announced by Chris that an idol is hidden near each cabin to stir up drama, with a double elimination at the same episode. Mike (still in his evil personality) looks for the idol, but in an unpredictable moment, Sierra finds it, being a super fan and all. As for the Villains idol, Gwen finds it, knowing she's out if she doesn't get it because Scott and Lightning recently switched sides to Alejandro and Heather. The Villains go to elimination first, Gwen plays the idol, and her and Duncan vote for Scott which sends him home (as he seemed kinda creepy in their opinion). The Heroes go next, and Mike makes a fake idol just in time. He even carves a fake McLean Seal of Approval, and by luck, Chris buys it. Mike plays it and goes back to Zoey, eliminating Sam.

After that, the villains lose. Duncan and Gwen try to sway Lightning against Alejandro, saying he thought he was better than him. Believe it or not, Lightning acted like a hero and stayed loyal, eliminating Duncan. There is then a team switch. Gwen goes to the Heroes, and Mike goes to the Villains.

(more to come...)

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