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    Wow, first blog since last year. May as well post this then. 

    Last night, I dreamt about something. And it wasn't just something... it was Total Drama. And it wasn't just Total Drama either... it was the new season! I remember it was the first episode as a preview, and the season was being promoted by Fresh TV to air summer 2017 (I wish it were actually that close).

    First of all, it was taking place on Pahkitew Island again, except the movie challenges from Total Drama Action were back. So maybe this time, it was titled Total Drama: Pahkitew Action?

    The challenge in my dream was the Alien challenge, there were no teams but groups just like in the TDA episode. The cast had to grab an egg and bring it to Chris, who was making things harder for …

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  • Sunsummer7

    So, recently I've started a rewatch of all the Total Drama seasons in chronological order for a number of reasons. I need to get my TD fix during the offseason, to build up to the Ridonculous Race, and to see how my views may change on rewatch. I'm currently in the third quarter of Island right now, where the voting gets complicated (don't worry, I'm getting to the point) and I've come to a realization on rewatch. 

    You know how a lot of users tend to call Island the best season of the Total Drama series? How people wish the quality would return to that of the first season? Well, the simple answer is, you can't. It's not possible. In fact, you may as well call Island and it's sequels two separate shows.

    Why? Well, let's look at the fact that …

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  • Sunsummer7

    Hey guys. This is a blog to reveal what endings you personally go by or prefer. Here's mine:

    Finalists: Gwen and Owen

    TBH, it was really hard deciding. Both endings could be great to go by. Gwen's ending seems like it would put a great end to her story arc, but they could just substitute that with runner-up, plus Gwen experienced controversy afterwards in TDA and TDWT. All-Stars redeemed her for those mistakes, so I think of that as the end of her multi-season plot while Island didn't top something like that and was really just the beginning. Meanwhile, Owen may not have done a lot to play the game, but after seeing some TDI teasers on Cartoon Network, Owen was definitely being hyped up as an underdog. Stuff like "Probably not the big guy th…

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  • Sunsummer7

    All-Stars Teams

    March 7, 2013 by Sunsummer7

    After doing some very, very hard squinting, this is my result for the All-Stars teams.

    1. Courtney
    2. Lindsay
    3. Sierra
    4. Mike
    5. Zoey
    6. Cameron
    7. Sam

    1. Heather
    2. Duncan
    3. Gwen
    4. Alejandro
    5. Lightning
    6. Jo
    7. Scott

    On the heroes, Cameron, Mike, and Zoey might make a "Friendship Alliance" that dominates the first vote, resulting in Courtney's elimination, voting based on who has "hogged their spotlight". Now they have half the team under control, but troubles based on the alliance are already forming. Mike, who is supposedly cured, has a new evil personality that becomes the main antagonist of the season. This personality is much harder to control, as it is tough to get out of once in. His personality switches alliances from the "Friendship Alliance" to Sierra, Sam, and Lindsay. Cameron …

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  • Sunsummer7

    I don't know, I just wanted to. XD

    (Scott's POV)

    I can tell from the introduction what everyone's personalities are. Jo is a competitive athlete, Mike is a Male Zoey, Zoey is a Female Mike, Dawn reads auras, B never talks, Lightning is an ego-filled muscle monster, and Brick is a military cadet. Also, Anne Maria is a sassy model, Staci is an annoying blabbermouth, Dakota is a fame-monger, Sam the gamer, and bubbles. Piece of cake.

    So, the teams are here. I'm on the Toxic Rats, along with B, Sam, Lightning, Dawn, Staci, and Dakota. However, I don't know why, but I just don't like B. After Lightning failed to saw down the totem, B made a contraption that got us the totem, but the Maggots beat us, and we caught up in the river fast. We got there…

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