So now I'm gonna write numbers 123


Dave if you're reading this since you're not true I feel horribly for you sky cheated on you WHY SKY WHY :( :( :( :( :( this is so hard for me to believe enough already

You could be with Ella and be Della


Dawn THE AURA READING HERO I love you DAWN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! But please do not make out with B PlEASE IT WILL BE WEIRD you're soooooooooo sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet

Dawn next time talk with eyes open

Dawn on the Beach

you're the best

Dawn - Jasmine

You're an angel dawn with funny ears

And number one is


SCOTT Scott is the best villan EVER HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVE FAVE FAVE FAVE FAVE it will be awsome if he had a relationship with any girl except Courtney SCOTT will be always my fave

I wish wish wish he win a season PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PlEASE WRITERS make him win WIN WIN WIN SCOTT YOU'RE THE BEST for ME and in TDAS he was sooooooooooooo HILARIOUS BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST. GO SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott's bad luck

Scott Jo TDAS Pose 1

Does that mean Scott and Jo will be married and have a baby

Scott scares Cam

Scareing camron GOOD MOVE

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