So my last blog was my top 20 character part 2 I stopped because I was tired I'm lazy just like Staci and I putted her in top 20 I think i had to put her in number 19 since I'm lazy too but anyways lets get started


Lindsey is so sweet and I love her outfits and she's not dumb she just forgets ppls names exactly like so we have something in commen SO LINDSEY ISN'T DUMB

I love this outfit

7:lightning LIGHTNING THE ATHLETIC I'm so happy that he won TDROTI he totaly deserves winning but I feel bad for him to have white hair but white hair is better then being bald GO LIGHTNING


6:lewshana Lewsahana is so perfect but her elimination in TDI was UNFAIR unfair unfair unfair unfair unfair UNFAIR!!!!!!!! I just wish for lewshana to win one season PLEASE WRITERS since I think she's gonna use them for something useless but just make her win

5:Samey(Sammy) She's so kind to her sister and I have one thing to say to Amy BAD AMY I have no reason to love her but GO SAMEY

4:Ella Ella is soooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet and I made her a song (sweet Ella the dream princess is coming to rescue From horrible nightmares ellaaaaaa she's so dreamy its E L L A ELLA the cute sweet kind princess is coming to rescue ELLA) I wish you loved the song I wrote

And I'm tired so next time im gonna show you numbers 1 2 3 so bye with all of my heart

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