Chris TDAS Pose 16
So this is my second blog my first blog was about my top 20 characters and now I'm gonna continue

12:scarlet I think she's so special and maybe maybe maybe she's gonna be with max I think scarlet and max is a awsome couple and the name will be marlet and I love how she made her brother toys scare him I think it's pure evil

11:heather She's very evil And I think it was CRUEL that Chris made her to shave her hair but she did it that's why I think the money is more important then anything for her

10:Chris Q:why is Chris so hot A:he's the cruel host Q:why Chris so mean to the constants A:he's making them earn the million dollars Q:why is chris in the jail A:he's a nasty hillarious man Note:see Grand chef auto and he said to chef hatchet "brother from another mother" so that means chef hatchet is Chris's step brother

9:Jo I loved what she said to Cameron in her elimanation and she could be with brick and the name will be jock and I love the nicknames that she gave to the other constants but her elimanation was so early in TDAS

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