Okay , this is my first blog on total drama wiki and in this blog I'm gonna show you my top 20 characters so let's get started And sorry for my bad spelling

20:Staci I hate hate all of her lies and she's so ANNOYING if I was a constant I will tell her that everyone is special so you don't have to lie and I'm sure she's lazy


The reason that I hate him is because DOES HE HAVE A WORSTER reason him being eliminated First. The worst reason for him to be eliminated is in TDWT and I feel bad for him to be a zombie or something in TDWT but I still hate hate hate him

18:sky The only reason that I hate sky is because she broked daves heart and she have to feel bad for him he totally loved you but you betrayed him and after Dave was eliminated sky acted like he didn't exist at all

17:Annemaria She's so annoying in a way and doesn't she care about anything else then Vito and I think it was funny when she discoverd that the diamond she found was piece of garbage and that she was so crazy that Chris will throw a diamond to a cave

16:B The only reason that I hate him because he doesn't talk

15:Zoey She doesn't have personality and I can't believe she won all stars something unbelievable for me


Q:Why can't they handle to be far from each other A:they are bfffl and weirdos


13:max He's so funny and he's bad at being evil and I like characters that are bad at being evil but his elimination was unfair UNFAIR

I'm gonna continue later because I'm tired and my next blog I will continue

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