Well in this blog I will write messages to some of the constants

Amy-What is wrong with you it's like you're piece of trash and also ohh you don't know how to do anything without your sister you always say "Samey do this,Samey do this" give Samey a break you're like the worst sister EVER

Heather-Everyone hates you and you made it to the finale it's a GIGANTIC SUPRISE

Shawn-I think you're afraid of zombies because lot of people you love died

Sammy-Stand for yourself and tell everyone that Amy is the most HORRIBLE person you know

B-please please please please please please say a word

Staci-please please please please please please please don't say GREAT

Chris-is this nonsense or do you have a heart

Chris's mom-I don't know how did you took care of your son maybe a clown took care of him

Jasmine-you don't have to do everything for Shawn

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