So I didn't do a blog in such long time but now here is one Now this blog about a QUESTION "is RR gonna be a real season" well the question came to my mind when I saw comments At blogs that says the constants for RR are designed by wikia users so it couldn't be real or something related to that so let's talk about it well I'm gonna talk about it or type but you can type your opinion in the comments

Is RR gonna be a real season

Well i don't think RR gonna be a real season because you know the old saying "the teams has only two members couldn't be a season" well it's not a old saying it's far from being a old saying actually I just created it but let's get to the point the teams has only two members how could it be a season maybe someone is just fooling people and to tell that RR is a HUGE lie from someone well atleast what I think RR could be a episode and do you think people are dumb enough to make a season that is one episode Well I think RR will be like this:

There's a race with obstacles

Two people together have to help each other to get to the finish line

The first couple together to cross the finish line

Each of them gets a half of a million

The End

Needs only one episode one episode ONE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!! And the UNKNOWN WRITERS need more then a month to make a one episode



A picture of a couple that will be competing in RR

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