I saw some blogs that Courtney and Trent will work and I will like to write that courtney and Trent won't ever work


I'm sure that Courtney kissed him for a plan since she looked evil before she kissed him

And the reason why it will not work ever reason1 Trent is a cool guy and Courtney is a bossy face girl so it's will never work reason2 Trent will never ever make out with a cheater reason3 even if they were together they will breakup after 2 hours or less and I do not think that a relationship reason4 I'm sure someone will stop them being together because the person likes Trent or Courtney

Well that just my opinion since Courtney had been together with someone that doesn't has her personality if you don't think Courtney is evil and my opinion is that it will work 4% out of 100%


Trent sitting

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