So in this blog I'm gonna tell you my opinions about the couples I could miss some couples because I forgot them or whatever

Trent and Gwen They're the perfect couple forever well since they're broken up I saw the first episode of TDA well quater of the episode they're reltionship was sweet as in TDI they're relationship was weird since I felt sad when Gwen voted out so early in TDWT and I loved the after math for TDWT

Lewshana and Harold Well I didn't see them kiss at all and I think they make a great couple

Lindsay and Tyler

Well I don't see what they like in each other lighting and Lindsay is better

Courtney and Duncan This couple is horrible and great in the same time and In TDAS Courtney seemed to still like Duncan but you putted enough drama to the Duncan and Gwen are a couple just forget the kiss Courtney''''''''

Chris and Lindsay I don't know if this couple is real or not if its real then NO!!!!!!!'''

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