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  • Summer55

    So in this blog I will type you a consetant from the three generations that I will like to see compete ONLY ONE

    First Generation:

    Beth-well I chose her because Beth and Trent are the only first generation consetants that didn't compete on TDWT that aren't annoying and I chose her over Trent because I'm sure Trent wouldn't like to compete on TD anymore

    2nd generation:

    Brick-no one can have enough of his BOOTS!!!!

    3rd generation

    Sugar:no one can have enough of THE RACOON THAT IS INSIDE HER BIG FAT TUMMMY

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  • Summer55

    So I didn't do a blog in such long time but now here is one Now this blog about a QUESTION "is RR gonna be a real season" well the question came to my mind when I saw comments At blogs that says the constants for RR are designed by wikia users so it couldn't be real or something related to that so let's talk about it well I'm gonna talk about it or type but you can type your opinion in the comments

    Is RR gonna be a real season

    Well i don't think RR gonna be a real season because you know the old saying "the teams has only two members couldn't be a season" well it's not a old saying it's far from being a old saying actually I just created it but let's get to the point the teams has only two members how could it be a season maybe someone is ju…

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  • Summer55

    I saw some blogs that Courtney and Trent will work and I will like to write that courtney and Trent won't ever work

    And the reason why it will not work ever reason1 Trent is a cool guy and Courtney is a bossy face girl so it's will never work reason2 Trent will never ever make out with a cheater reason3 even if they were together they will breakup after 2 hours or less and I do not think that a relationship reason4 I'm sure someone will stop them being together because the person likes Trent or Courtney

    Well that just my opinion since Courtney had been together with someone that doesn't has her personality if you don't think Courtney is evil and my opinion is that it will work 4% out of 100%

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  • Summer55

    Well in this blog I will write messages to some of the constants

    Amy-What is wrong with you it's like you're piece of trash and also ohh you don't know how to do anything without your sister you always say "Samey do this,Samey do this" give Samey a break you're like the worst sister EVER

    Heather-Everyone hates you and you made it to the finale it's a GIGANTIC SUPRISE

    Shawn-I think you're afraid of zombies because lot of people you love died

    Sammy-Stand for yourself and tell everyone that Amy is the most HORRIBLE person you know

    B-please please please please please please say a word

    Staci-please please please please please please please don't say GREAT

    Chris-is this nonsense or do you have a heart

    Chris's mom-I don't know how did you took care of y…

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  • Summer55

    Well I know it's stupid but if you think about it very much then the answer will rise THE CONSTANTS ARE NOT HUMANS and here's the proof Trent ate somthing that will make you die and he didn't die Alejandro was burned by the lava and he didn't die Ezekiel falled in the valcano and he didn't die Scott was eaten by a shark when he was injured and he didn't die Dave was bit by a posinous snake and he didn't die

    I know its a cartoon anything could happen

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