A/N: Hey guys, Suki here. I know you don't really see me on the Wiki much unless it's roleplay night. So....Yeah. A few months back at the end of TDRP seasons six and seven, I asked Ryan if I can write some shorts on the seasons and he agreed. Now these will include most of the characters. So feel free to give some feed back on some ooc things, especially any season outside of season 6. Also, for the second preview, there are somethings to be filled in. Two I need to look up, but the character that says one line, feel free to give suggestions. Sorry if the stories aren't great, they were whipped up on free write days in Playwriting. I do have an ending planned out for them, so they will be finished.

[NO TITLE]-Sixth Season Short

“Hey Chris!”

Chris McLein turned to the voice who called him. It was that Ryan. Sure, he brought in the ratings, but Chris didn’t like him at all. He wished Ryan was voted off earlier in the season. But of course that didn’t happen.

Ryan kept walking up to the host as he continued, “Is there anything I can do? You know, to help you with?” The smile that was plastered on Ryan’s face was clearly fake to anyone who saw it.

It was Ryan’s new plan to win the game. If he could help Chris and get favors from him, he could easily make it to the final two and ultimately win the game.

However, with that smile being the same one Chris wore on a daily basis, he could easily see through Ryan’s deception. It was time to string him along too. “Well…Do you know how to make one of those coffee packets?”

Though cooking wasn’t one of Ryan’s strong points, he could easily use a microwave. “Yeah!”

“Make me one…Pronto. If you need me, I’ll be in my trailer.” Chris took his leave from the Mess Hall. From the tables, Alex, Laurie, Ashleigh, Schmidt, and Vanessa were watching the two, confused on what was going on. Throughout the season, it was obvious to all of them that Chris has hated Ryan the whole time.


A few days later, Ryan was doing his umpteenth favor for Chris. As he approached the host, he bent over and panted as Chris took the bag from his hand.

Once Ryan’s breathing returned to normal, he stood straight back up. “Hey Chris, can I ask something from you?”


“Because I did all these favors for you, I would like to ask for help in the game for return. Nothing much, just a spot in the final two.




[NO TITLE]-Seventh Season Short

Chef was just reading his book wherever…Uh…Dead people go, as a flash happened. It was so sudden, the ghostly chef dropped his book and hid behind the couch. Once he had the courage to see what happened, his eyes peeked over one of the armrests. In front of him was a group of teens. Some, he recognized much to well. Others, he somewhat knew as being part of the show he previous worked at. They joined after he died, so they never really met.

It took a camper to speak up and break the silence. Ashleigh pointed at the figure and said, “Hey look it’s Chef.”

“You know,” said ---, “I wondered why I’ve seen him in earlier seasons, but not the recent ones.”

“Didn’t you see Season ---? He died in it by ---.”

Chef was able to stand up from his hiding space during this time. “Hey, what are you guys doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be on the show with pretty boy?” Adding one last thing, he thought, Plus, THIS was supposed to be my special alone place.

“Yeah. Chris announced a new season in space.” As Terry said that, he rolled his eyes. “Then the spaceship blew up.”

Of course. When something like that happens, it’s usually Chris’s fault. Chef was waiting for the pending lawsuits on him.



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