It's been over one whole long month since this began, but we've finally reached it. The final round of "Who is the Greatest Antagonist?" So much has happened and even I didn't anticipate the results at times, but now we finally have it. Before we dive in let me just give a big thank you to all of you who have participated.

Now then, final round underway:

Final Round (Ended on July 22nd)

Man, I thought we had gotten rid of the troll already. That was seriously really frustrating. Anyway the tiebreaker has spoken some non-troll results, and it is the Dashing Spaniard who triumphs.

And now in the word of Mr. McLean: "Scheming Scott has schemed his last scheme."

Scott Trauma Chair Full View

Don't try to deny it, this karma was awesome!!!

Seriously Alejandro ruled the season, why would the troll choose Scott over him?

And finally it is down to Almighty Puppet Master Alejandro and Heather the Queen of Mean.

Since it's the final round AND I'm out of good antagonist pictures I thought I'd do something a little special, since it's these two. I decided to show all the times these two great villains have clashed with each other. Here are all the greatest moments of Alejandro and Heather:

May the best antagonist win:


Sorry for the long wait, I've just taken a holiday course in acting. It's a one-week intensive and I don't have time to get on the computer until I get home.

Winner: Heather - (55 votes)
Runner up: Alejandro - (33 votes)

And the greatest antagonist of Total Drama is Heather!
For some reasons I had a feeling about that from the start.

Okay then, just for lols let's have one of the best karmas:

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me to the very end, and supported me through this excessively long poll. Now stay tuned as I later analyze the placings of the antagonists.

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