As part of my birthday last week, I decide to celebrate by taking a quick break from revising for exams, and make a poll for one of the most debated topics of all: Who is Total Drama's greatest antagonist.

Total Drama is renowned for its antagonists. I love them, since they put the "Drama" in Total Drama, few people will deny that. But needless to say some antagonists are better than others. So then you know the drill, vote once for who you think's the most deserving. After some time I will take down who ranks the lowest, and the next round can begin. Oh, and my friend Zoether brought up something quite interesting a while back that I'd like you take into consideration; most people usually judge villains simply by how many eliminations they caused, and based on this everyone's just going to pick Heather.

Most of Total Drama's antagonists gathered together on one screen.

While I’m not denying that she's a brilliant villain, thing is one of the main reasons she has such a high elimination count is because she has one of the highest episode appearances, so with more opportunity of course she's going to have more eliminations under her belt. However (just as an example) Alejandro on the other hand appeared for half as long as she has, but managed to almost equal her in caused eliminations. So, I'm trying to go for a slightly different approach. Try to look at the villain on a whole; how hard they try, what’s their intent, how far they’re willing to go, how much strategy they employ, and of course how evil they are.


Who else, other than a villain, is evil enough to do this?

Also, I know a lot of you are going to say Lightning isn't a proper antagonist. Well thing is he may have been a shortlived antagonist, but he was still the secondary antagonist of Revenge of the Island, just as Courtney was for Action. He presented a lot of trouble for the remaining competitors and acted sufficiently more crueller than an average competitor, especially to Cameron, hence he qualifies.

Oh, and one more thing for you to consider. A lot of you think Mal's a terrible antagonist, because he spent little time doing what a usual TD antagonist does, causing eliminations. And instead he spent his time being a jerk and breaking things or outright trying to murder others. So what's a villain doing on TD who doesn't even care much for winning? Without biasing as his performance as antagonist in general, let me give you something to consider. I'm going to sum up Mal using one phrase:

Round 1 (Ended on June 13th)

Now then, here are some pics of each of the antagonists to motivate you:

Round 1 Tiebreaker (Ended on June 17th)

Round 1 has now ended, thank you to all 161 people who voted. The final scores are:

1st place: Heather - (82 votes)
2nd place: Alejandro - (31 votes)
3rd place: Scott - (17 votes)
4th place: Mal - (15 votes)
5th place: Courtney - (10 votes)
6th place (tied): Justin, Lightning - (3 votes)

However we have a 3 vote tie between Pretty-Boy Justin and Overachieving Jock Lightning, but only one antagonist can move on, so please vote for which villain you think deserves to stay.


Round 2 (Ends on June 23rd)

The tiebreaker is now over, and the winner is Lightning. SHA-Yeah! Which means gorgeous Justin is now out:

File:Justin Lost.jpg

Just as well, I was having trouble finding pictures of Justin being evil.

It's quite fitting that the Thunder Man gets to make to next round, because due to several requests I've gotten, I'm throwing in Jo as a wildcard. Also, to even things out I'm also adding in Mildred … uh, I mean Blaineley. As the antagonist of the Aftermaths, I feel she's also earned a rightful spot here.

So with these new additions, I give you the contenders for Round 2. And for a little added fun, I thought I'd countdown each of the antagonist's most villainous moments.

For Round 3 onwards go here