Hi guys, it's been forever since I've made a blog. So I decided to do one of these, just so you know this is my first shot at doing a season review.


Annoying larpers and the goths

Seriously, did Tammy do anything else?

I think it's safe to say, these two were the seasons biggest misfits. They immediately stand out among most of the other "normal" characters, with how delusional and distant from reality they are. I think Leonard returning came as quite a surprise to everyone. Not an unexpected reaction considering how poorly received he was in Pahkitew Island. I am a little baffled at how much love he's getting in TDRR. Admittedly he was slightly better this time round, reason being this time they fleshed him out a bit and gave some backstory as to why he was a delusional roleplayer. Though I still feel his inclusion was pretty pointless. To me it was pretty obvious he was brought back because they didn't want to go to any more effort on a fodder character. Sorry to any of you guys who thought he was going to develop, but alas that was not to be. Now Tammy, in all honesty, I don't remember her doing much other than throwing confetti. The very vague memories I have of her talking, I keep getting vibes of Staci's voice. This is essentially what she is, a second Staci with a Viking theme. She just served as the other half of Leonard's character, and couldn't really thrive as her own character. This is one team which I fully agree on their team placing, they realistically did not have the ability or the plot to make it further than first out.

Tennis Rivals
Snail advances

The snail should've had a bigger role in the episode.

When I first saw these two, I was very quickly annoyed by them. All they did was endless "old people" jokes and laughing at the other teams. Them sabotaging each other in the first episode kind of ticked me off as well. They got a bit better in French is an Eiffel Language, where their jokes started getting slightly funny. Though at best, I'm only neutral on them. I wasn't too big on the inclusion of adults contestants in the show, and while my stance on that has changed, having two old geezers still doesn't work well with me. Also, everyone has noticed Pete looks like Chris. Fresh TV's twitter will probably give some ambiguous "maybe, sort-of" revelation of them being relatives, just so they will stop getting those questions.


It feels like everyone uses that Geniuses puke image in their rankings?

Now while this team didn't have a very interesting plot, they sure have a very interesting reception in the fanbase. As soon as they were revealed, they were either immediately loved or immediately hated, especially Ellody. Reasons why they were liked: they seemed like an intelligent team, who could have done a lot, and Ellody is a nerd who is good looking (unlike the other nerds on the show with the exception of Scarlett). Reasons why they were hated: Ellody is a Courtney clone in appearance and voice, and the team as a general did nothing and were obvious fodder. Regardless of whether you liked them or hated them, I think we can all agree, they could have done something on their time on the show. Mary doesn't even talk until her elimination episode, and seemed to have less purpose than Tammy. Being a fodder team isn't a reason to be vocal in only one episode. I'm one of the few who doesn't hate this team, but they gave me no reason to like them either. I was surprised by how early they were eliminated, and do think they they could have had slightly more purpose, but I'm not really downed by their placing.


Am I the only one who thinks Miles is based off Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter?

Another pair which seemed to be love them or hate them, who were coincidentally voiced by the same VAs as the above team. There seems to be a character similar to the Vegans in every generation (Dawn, Ella), and much like their predecessors they ended up being fodder. Part of me was hoping these two would break that trend and have a little more purpose, but it was not to be. These two are a fairly mixed bag in the fanbase, and were sort of "hit-or-miss" characters. Depending on whether you like the nature thing, you could end up loving them or getting extremely annoyed by them. I fall into the group who did like them. They gave me quite a few entertaining moments, such as their exaggerated protectiveness towards animals. "Take hikes, not hump." - Wow, the implications that can be drawn from that slogan. Them wasting time to channel energy and thanking the spirits, which was absolutely hilarious. And who could forget Laurie reaching her rage breaking point and mauling Don? Now if only that could happen to Chris.

Another thing I'd like to mention is, most of the eliminations in this season were done well, with almost all the characters leaving with their dignities left intact. The Vegans are one of the teams where this was not the case. They couldn't just be eliminated like that, but they had to put Laurie through all that punishment. Her face gets swollen and disfigured, she gets heartbroken as she's repeatedly reminded of her actions, and nothing seems to go right for her in the episode, all the while she states she deserves it. Now I know a lot of you are going to disagree with me on this, and say "but Laurie enjoyed eating the meat, so she was right to be punished." Yes, Laurie was not completely innocent in that matter, but was the consequences of her actions seems to be disproportionate with her "crimes". All she did was enjoy the taste, but she gets receives antagonist level karma. Honestly even Heather didn't have it that bad in TDI, and she made so many lives miserable. If you haven't realized by now, they are named after writers Miles Smith and Laurie Elliot, who the latter just so happened to be the writer of said episode. Just a hunch that I have, Laurie Elliot isn't particularly fond of the character that was named after her, which may have led her to put in all that treatment.

Fashion Bloggers
Woah girly

Jen is obviously the man in the partnership.

The season's ensemble darkhorses. Tom and Jen are of course named after the show's creators, and with that carried the expectation that they would be brilliant characters. And from the way they've been received, I'd say they lived up to it. Personally, I'm neutral/okay with these two, sure they're decent characters, but I don't understand why they're that popular. From what I can gather, their appeal comes from them providing a lot of funny moments, that stems from their stereotype as fashionistas and being vanity conscious. They're partners, but both have a strong sense of individuality, especially Jen who has a "I know what I want" attitude. I will say, they were spectacular during their elimination episode. The way their friendship became strained, how they had to earn back their trust in each other, and leaving the show on a happy note and having succeeded in their fez idea. One of the most memorable eliminations in the show. After seeing that episode I was actually hoping they could stay rather than the other team in second last place, but I'll get to that later.

Mom and Daughter
Dirty mother

This gives a whole new meaning to "Extreme Doormat".

I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I'll just come out and say it. I'm not very fond of this team. Before you start flaming me, please hear me out. Firstly, they had one of the most predictable plots on the show: bratty daughter is very rude to patient mother all season long, at some point mother realizes daughter isn't so perfect, mother finally snaps and puts daughter in her place, they realize they do love each other THE END. That literally could not have progressed in any other way. And like several other teams, they followed the same pattern of developed at last minute, and eliminated once their purpose was served. I would have liked them more if they had some purpose outside of their relationship with each other, the closest we ever got to that was Taylor intimidating Mickey, and Kelly chatting with Dwayne. My other issue is, Taylor annoys me to no end. Every season has a character like her: bossy, snobby girl who is mean to everyone she comes across. But all those other characters (other than maybe Amy), all had something else outside of the bossiness and condescending remarks. That's pretty much all Taylor had to offer. While that works if you're a fan of that kind of thing, for those who aren't, Taylor doesn't click well.

Okay, now that I got all that out of the way I'll talk about the positives. Of course this team warranted the obligatory "bullied character learns to stand up for themselves and gets pay back" plot. As far as that goes, it was done decently. It did have some build-up, and Kelly had the appropriate push to have her eyes opened. Many would say it was done a lot better than the twins in TDPI, since it didn't involve the blatantly obvious switcheroo that apparently nobody noticed, and the fact we still don't know the fate of the twins. Here everything was completely natural, Taylor's comeuppance wasn't too extreme, and both ended on a happy note.

Adversity Twins
It's jay's turn with the brown bag

They really milked that "adversity" gag for every cent it's worth.

The most controversial team in the season. Before TDRR had begun airing there were comments everywhere going "Ew, Cameron clones", "they're so fugly", "they're going to pull a Cameron again and go all the way to the finales". There only seemed to be two expectations on their team placing: either they were going to follow Cameron and defy expectations by going the underdog route, or they were obvious fodders who would be one of the first outs. But neither was what we ended up getting. They went and placed a middle ranking of 12th, not so far that they floated through the competition, but far enough so they could be proud of themselves for "making it this far." I felt this was an appropriate time to let them go. If you haven't realized already, their placing was intentional from the start, due to the twins association with the number 12 "the number right before cursed", which is why they ended up consecutively placing 12th for several episodes. The team as a whole has gotten a lot of hate, and I can really understand why. For most of the season, they were just there, and didn't really do much other than list off their adversities. One problem with this team is, due to their obvious weakness in challenges, there are several episodes they are not shown actually doing the challenge, only completing it with little explanation. This problem was also shared with the Stepbrothers, and to a lesser extent Mom & Daughter. It probably wasn't the best idea to reuse Cameron's design, and his role as a character. One major issue I have with them was, they should not have been twins. They are literally the exact same character in two different bodies, with one of them wearing a hat/head-gear thingy and having a higher voice. What is the point of that? I think it would have been much better if they had just one adversity boy who was paired with someone different from them.

Now I'll just say, while I don't hate the team, I can't find much reason to like them either. They did have a few moments here and there, such as Mickey's interactions with Kitty and the their sort-of alliance, I was really disappointed that plot was thrown out after one episode. I also liked them in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, which I honestly thought was a good time to eliminate them since they were struggling in the challenge and thought they would lose.

I also realized what FreshTV were trying to do with these two. They were the show's closest attempt to sympathetically depict characters with a disability (Mike doesn't count since his disability was insensibly used for humor). Most people thought they were just Cameron clones who existed solely to go the underdog route again. But this wasn't quite the direction Fresh was going for. They didn't simply make some underdogs who would go far because it's unexpected, they were intended to be extremely underprivileged characters who still pushed on despite their disadvantage. Notice when they were eliminated, it was one of the few times Don was sympathetic to them and praised them for how far they had come. In real life if someone like them went onto a reality show, they'd probably get a lot of support for doing so much despite the odds weighed so heavily against them. Having said all that, they were far from flawless and Fresh could have done that a lot better. But just felt like throwing in my two cents on what Fresh wanted to do.

Whew, that was a long one.


I'm confused how these two managed to complete a single challenge, when they spent EVERY episode fighting.

Would I be right in saying these two were the most consistently disliked team in the season? I really don't have much positive to say about them. They were okay in the first two episodes, but they quickly became repetitive and tiresome. They literally did nothing for twelve episodes except exchange childish insults with each other, which wouldn't be too bad if they were actually funny. Fresh, at the very least, make their banter a bit more sophisticated. All I remember was: "Get your gitch off my face!" "Get your face off my gitch!" or however the hell that went. The team was very predictable and went pretty much the same way as Mom & Daughter, characters behave the same way for every episode until an episode before their elimination where WHAM, they suddenly develop and get booted once their purpose was served. Only unlike Mom & Daughter, the repetitive plot wasn't liked to begin with.

Why spud by tdvortex-d98bvct

It's like Rock doesn't have any bones in his wrist.

Not particularly fond of these two, and for quite a while they were my least favorite team. When I first saw all the teams, these guys were the ones who made me go "Huh?" over the decision of including them in the season. Why are two wannabe rock stars competing in a race? My dislike for them grew, when they literally did nothing for nine (I think) episodes, except air guitaring and Spud bobbing his head to music. Like seriously, DO SOMETHING!! They finally got some plot in New Beijinging, where Rock starts using Spud's delayed reaction time to complete challenges. Okay, yeah that was sort of funny. But couldn't it have occurred, I don't know, seven episodes ago? I'm still not big on this team, and not too keen on them returning.

Father and Son
Noggie heads

Every child's worst nightmare.

I liked these two when I first saw them, but I didn't think I would like them that much. I honestly thought these two were amazing. It's like you think they will be predictable and know what's going to happen with them, but they actually turn out to be completely different. Dwayne and Junior of course represent the stereotype of the embarrassing but well-meaning parent, and the child who's ashamed of accompanying them in public. What was interesting however was, Junior is one of the maturest characters in the show, despite being the youngest competitor to date. While Dwayne's role as a bumbling parent is something we've all experienced at some point. It was pretty clear that they would eventually reach the "parents and child come to an understanding and accept each other", but unlike Mom & Daughter, and Stepbrothers, there was a very gradual build-up towards it. They had quite a rough roller-coaster ride in their relationship, and actively explored and experimented what they meant to each other, while always trying new approaches. Never the same stale thing, and always something fresh. They had quite a few heartwarming moments, from Dwayne losing and reuniting with Junior, to Junior's gratitude of how hard his father is trying and accepting him.

Reality TV Pros
Owen no please no

Respect to Noah for not even blinking in that episode.

I was quite pleased to hear Owen and Noah would be returning, the dynamic duo of TDWT would finally be back. Though Owen immediately starting getting flack due to speculation he would be nothing but a farting floater. This did have me a little concerned at first, but I was genuinely surprised and happy with his turn-out. For the first time since, well... ever, we see Owen maturing out of his happy-go-lucky nature. He becomes serious about the competition and tries to take charge. Noah also underwent changes, but in the other direction. He becomes less sarcastic and indifferent about everything, and becomes very distracted from the challenges, which of course was due to Emma. I still can't get over how Noah's crush came out of nowhere, as he literally fell for her after seeing her do a gymnastics flip. Yeah, yeah, I know the rumors he was attracted several episodes before, but the two had still yet to have a proper conversation and gotten to know each other, so my point still stands. Now speaking of Noemma, that relationship was one that I was very conflicted on. While it seemed to make both Noah and Emma more mellow and nicer, it also made Noah lose his stoic, sardonic personality which he was loved for. Emma seemed to be his only motivation for doing anything, and he started becoming all lovey-dovey and awkward. Very un-Noah-like. I'm also not big on how Emma seemed to set up that ultimatum, that she would only date Noah if she won and he didn't. I'll go into more of their relationship later. Back to Owen and Noah, overall they were a moderate team for me, but very surprisingly Owen is the one who held up the team's popularity, effectively switching their roles in TDWT.


Admit it, you were shocked they were wearing wigs.

If you know me, I love the Goths, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does. Their humor was just top-notch. As soon as they started talking (which took 2 episodes), they delivered line after line of comedy gold. Their list of memorable quotes is endless. These two were just never bland, never boring, and entertaining in almost every one of their appearances. If their humor wasn't enough, they also had quite a few nice sideplots, such as being "ungothed" and accepting each other in this unfamiliar state, adopting Loki their little Gothic bunny, and being targeted by the Ice Dancers. I also really liked the running gag of Ennui having a way with animals. It just makes such a stark contrast to usual characters in that role. Which is made even funnier by the fact he hates his gift. I'm really curious what would happen if Ennui met Dawn or Ella, I know there's almost no chance of that happening, but I can dream okay? Anyway, as much as I loved them, I didn't expect they would make it to the end. They just don't seem like finalist material. I was a little surprised that they would be the first team eliminated by the Ice Dancers, after their long run of failed antagonism, but it was nice for the Goths to leave on a good note.

Go back ring toss

Haters gonna, hate, hate, hate, and then fall back in love.

For the first seven episodes, all they did was make-out, and people thought they were just a rehash of Gidgette in TDA. Then around A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Stephanie reveals she isn't such a flat character and that she has a hidden temper. While this did make things a little livelier for some time, it quickly got out of hand. For 16 episodes straight, all they did was yell and argue, and in Stephanie's case she would scream at Ryan as well. I very quickly grew to dislike it. What made it even worse was there were several instances where they came close to being eliminated, but kept getting spared, usually because it conveniently was a non-elimination episode.

Dodging eliminations aside, whether Stephanie and Ryan's bickering was liked seems to be down to opinion. Depending on who you ask, Stephanie can either be funny, and entertaining, or she can obnoxious and annoying. I personally fell into the latter group. I kind of found her vocals to be ear-grating. Yeah, I have sensitive ears, k? While Ryan wasn't as aggressive, he still played his fair share of fanning the fire between them. He however did have a few moments outside of arguing with Stephanie that people liked, such as his strategy of agreeing with everything she said, and how he tried to be friends with Carrie. Their incessant hating carried on until around Lord of the Ring Toss, where it's shown they still love each other among all the hate. They spend several episodes jumping back and forth from hate to love to hate. In the end they did finally resolve the animosity between them, having won back each other's respects and remembering why they were attracted to each other to begin with. I was fairly shocked at how far they ended up placing, but I'm happy they didn't make it to the end.

Best Friends

Sorry to any Best Friends fans, but this is not going to be pretty. You might want to skip this section if you like them.

Going to Paris with Shellie

Take a drink every time Devin says "Shelley" or either of them say "Homie". Instant kidney failure within 5 episodes.

I went into these season with some high hopes for this team, what a complete disappointment they turned out to be. This is one of the worst romantic plots on the show to date. For the first half of the season, pretty much every sentence Devin said had the word "Shelley" in it, while Carrie does nothing except swoon over him and vainly hoping her "Homie" would see the light. This carries on for how many episodes, when along comes Shawshank Ridonc-tion, where all of a sudden Devin finds out he's been dumped by his so called girlfriend and he starts going through the seven stages of grief. For the record it's supposed to be the five stages of grief, but they went and added in the extra stages just so they could drag it out even longer. This then goes on all the way till Dude Buggies, when all of a sudden they pull a switch and Devin's in love with Carrie, while Carrie gives up on Devin. ARRRGH!! Are you freaking kidding me?! Then Devin spends the remaining episodes trying to win over Carrie, repeatedly fails, finally finds out her feelings were mutual (thanks to Emma swearing at him), yadda-yadda-yadda, they finally discover they both love one another. THE END. Okay, cool. Well, did that really have to drag on for 24 bloody episodes!? I could have wrapped up that tedious plot within 4 episodes. Their decision to be cut from the finale, was one of the few good network requests. Despite my negative views towards them, I was pretty disgusted at their treatment in their elimination episode. Devin accidentally "jinxes" them, which is an appropriate excuse for Carrie to be repeatedly injured in a cringeworthy manner. And of course there's the really BS ending, where the Best Friends arrive at the Chill Zone, only for Kitty's emu to randomly knock Devin off the cliff, where he becomes to injured to compete. Why the hell did they even bother eliminating the Best Friends in a non-elimination episode this close to the finale? I suppose it's due to the decision to change the final 3, so they just added that in last minute in order to bring back the Surfers Dudes.

Now while their relationship was done really poorly, they did show some potential as characters away from each other. Namely Carrie who had some decent interactions with Kitty, Junior, and the Surfers. Carrie and Ryan wasn't too bad either, although it did get some people worried Fresh would try a love square. On the other hand, Devin had some amusing moments with the Goths where they suddenly feel a connection with his melancholic nature. I found that to be quite funny. In future if we ever see these two again, it'd be best if they weren't together.


File:Tumblr nvxu1kUuQp1tbuk16o1_1280.png Easily the most consistently liked team in the season, and a good contender for the best team overall. So what made the Sisters so great? They were one of the most relateable teams, with the older mature sibling keeping the younger excitable sibling in check, being something most of us are familiar with. They were also one of the teams with a great dynamic, as their polar opposites personalities of serious and fun-loving meshed well together. And of course, Kitty was one of the funniest, most lovable characters in the season. She takes after Lindsay, minus all of the dumb blonde jokes. Kitty is a representation of modern pop-culture, being a phone-addict who loves to snap selfies, another thing that instantly connects with the youth of this generation, I'm glad the show did this. In addition, the Sisters also had the most interactions with others out of the whole cast, alongside the Ice Dancers. Kitty keeps trying to form alliances with friend she makes, while Emma is cynical and untrusting of everyone and tries to keep her distance. Emma has a lot of grounds for a great character, but one issue that a lot had with her (myself included), was she was very inconsistent throughout the season. One episode she's the patient older sister who reminds Kitty to behave, while in the next one she's a bossy boots who never stops blaming Kit. There was also her relationship with Noah, which I had mentioned above. Noah presence made her seem very OOC, where she would become all dreamy and go into "Noah dazes". I found these moments of lovestruck Emma to be very distracting. I mean, we already had Carrie doing that, we didn't need two of them. It was however interesting to see Kitty mature up in these moments and get Emma to focus back on the game. Ultimately, nearing the end of the season, Emma's character did get salvaged. Where she steps out of both her bossy and dreamy personas, and becomes the encouraging older sister to Kitty. It was truly heartwarming to see Emma tell Kitty how proud she was. Like nearly everyone, I really hated their elimination, which involved that angler fish randomly coming out of nowhere and conveniently eating her flashlight, when they were just about to win. Why Fresh? WHY?! I really wish these two had made it to the finale, as they would have made for the perfect finalists.

Ice Dancers
Evil laughter

Josee has a chronic case of "evil villains grow fangs" syndrome.

This is the team that I am most conflicted on, with my opinion changing on them a lot. Unlike most of the fans, I didn't immediately like this team when I first saw them. They were presented as Olympians, and with that reasoning they kept consistently placing in the the top 3 for the first week. What annoyed me was they often weren't even shown completely the challenge, and would suddenly show up running past the finish line. As the season progressed we slowly got to know these two, and what's the motivation behind their actions. There was that incident at the Olympics where Jacques drops Josee and cost them the gold medal, which I still think was referenced in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1. This is probably the most complex, and well-thought backstory for any villain (or even character) on the show. Their characters went in a different direction in Hawaiian Honeyruin, where Josee loses her lucky rabbit's foot "bun-bun" and replaces it with a lava rock, which curses them. And for the first time in several episodes, they're shown to not be so perfect and perform badly in challenges. Nice touch by Fresh for associating their curse with the number 4, the Chinese devil number. After ridding the curse, they took another approach to the competition and started playing dirty. At first, they have very little success with their sabotage and can't seem to eliminate anyone. As far as villains go, I thought they were decent to moderate. Unlike the start of the season, they were actually earning their placings rather than it just getting handed to them. They possessed a lot of skill as competitors, but didn't have the ridiculous success of Villain Stus. As villains, they had an interesting dynamic, with Josee being the mastermind and Jacques the lackey who helped carry out her schemes. However it isn't long before they have to start facing consequences for cheating, such as Don penalizing them, or Jacques' slipping due to his oily hands. Also, you can't talk about the Ice Dancers without bringing up their rivalry with the Police Cadets, the main inter-team interaction of the season. I'll talk about their conflict in the Police Cadets section since the Ice Dancers segment is so long already.

Tumblr nupof4z2vS1ugumzgo2 1280

How did Jacques survive 14 years of that?

While I had considerably warmed up to the team, nearing the end is where I started having a problem with Josee. At some point her competition drive starts reaching a boiling point, and she begins going berserk the very instant thing don't go her way. I can't say I enjoyed watching her scream and laugh maniacally. Sorry Josee fans, I still respect your opinion. Nearing the end, Jacques begins to have a change of heart and starts doubting her methods. In Bahamarama, he finally becomes fed up with Josee and is depicted as the victim in their relationship. I genuinely felt sorry for him now that he was put in that sympathetic light, especially since he had to put up with her for, 14 years if I remember correctly. In the end they made it to the final 3, where many had predicted their antagonist karma would be coming third and being deprived of the gold (which by the way, I was really disappointed they never mentioned the medals in the finale). This seemed an appropriate karma for them, since getting an inferior medal was a fate worse than death for these two. Plus as far as antagonist go, they really didn't do much damage, only caused one elimination and inconvenienced a few teams.

Surfer Dudes
Tumblr inline nuzijlCPRN1sxlvup 540

So does Geoff carry solvent for the glue?

Most were excited to see Geoff return, as was I. It was nice to see him back, restored to his TDI personality and abandoning his Aftermath host characterization. And now that he was away from Bridgette, he could spread his party-guy spirit to everyone around him, just like he did in his glory days. I was pleased that Geoff seems to have become an All-Loving Hero and is nice to everyone, even to jerks like Lorenzo and the Ice Dancers. He was also accompanied by Brody, who was... pretty much a clone of him. They did have quite a few moments in the season, but one glaring issue was they had little to no plot. They were just there, being the funny, nice guys, and otherwise not really doing anything else. The one plot they did seem to have was Brody's crush on MacArthur, which I am not really an avid supporter of. It mostly consisted of Brody swooning of MacArthur, and the cop girl just not giving a crap what he thought. It ultimately amounted to nothing, save for MacArthur asking Brody to call her in the Surfers ending. Now to the big problemo with this team. They were eliminated, only to end up as returnees that became finalists. No, just no. You do not let a returning team make it to the finals, especially when it was this close to the finals, and at the cost of a far more deserving team. There's also the fact they had it far too easy in the episodes after there return, where they pretty much cruised through the episode with little obstacle. The one dilemma they did experience was the Ice Dancers crashing their taxi, only for that to cause them to conveniently find the subway and get the lead. It's glaringly obvious that someone in the studio really likes the Surfers, and did everything they could to get them to the end. They really didn't deserve to win, imho, and I will not accept them as the real winners.

Police Cadets
Macarthursanders last struggle

Make way for the unstoppable Police Goddets!

I don't care what anyone else says, I absolutely loved this team. They have an excellent team dynamic, with their contrasting characters complementing each other perfectly. MacArthur the reckless, loose cannon who is more than willing to bend the rules, and Sanders the strict by-the-book cop who constantly restrains MacArthur from her more wild antics. They're one of the strongest teams, excelling in many areas, but never godplaying. Every one of their victories is hard-earned, and you can see all of the blood-and-sweat they put behind it. I feel both of them were required to achieve such brilliance, with MacArthur being the main comic relief, and Sanders as the more serious straight-man. I don't think either of them would be that great on their own, and having them together makes them so much more brilliant. I never tired of seeing them, and was always genuinely curious what they would be up to next. They also had the season's main plot, their conflict with the Ice Dancers. The conflict between the two competitive teams made so much sense, and made for so many exciting moments in the season. One of the best conflicts we've had in a long time. If that's not enough, both of them went through their share of development after How Deep is Your Love, where after MacArthur accidentally breaks Sanders' arm, she comes to realize how unfair to Sanders she has been and strives to be a better person, while Sanders mans up and learns to take charge while bending a few rules of her own. I'm so glad that they made it to the end as finalists, as they fully deserved to win. They will always be the true winners for me.

Personal Ranking

  1. Police Cadets
  2. Goths
  3. Sisters
  4. Vegans
  5. Father-Son
  6. Reality TV Pros
  7. Fashion Bloggers
  8. Geniuses
  9. Ice Dancers
  10. Adversity Twins
  11. Surfer Dudes
  12. Mom-Daughter
  13. Tennis Rivals
  14. Stepbrothers
  15. Rockers
  16. LARPers
  17. Best Friends
  18. Haters

Well done for reading through all the way to the end, you deserve a cookie. :)

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