At long last, TD Wiki's second Mainspace Race comes to an end. Finally, I can get my weekends back to do other things. What an incredible finale that was.

Big congrats to Phoenix Wolves for taking the MSR Crown! Raised By Wolves once again pulled off a stunning performance and smashed all editing records. Well done, you are officially the wiki's Champion Editor.

We also say goodbye to a long time Wiki Veteran, and a good friend of mine, PhoenixDragonSamurai. It's sad to see you go man. You were one of the most powerful editors on this wiki, and remained at the very top for a long time. Good luck with your exams and all of your life endeavors.


Phoenix Wolves

Well everyone called it, you guys came out as the no. 1 team. RBW started off as the carried partner of Phoenix, the wiki's powerhouse editor. But he improved every week, until he overshot everyone else to reign supreme.


Thank you Gordon, I am so thankful to have had you with me in the finale. Feels so great to have a partner who is useful. You did so well, especially considering it was your first week in the race. Pulled off more edits in that single week than all my previous partners' edits in the whole race. I also went and put in that little extra bit for the finale. Never edited as hard in my life as I did on that final day. I'm happy I got over double my usual edits this time round.

Forever Artists

You might not have won, but you know I've always said you were one of the best teams. Before Wolves suddenly started dominating the whole race, you guys definitely had the best team work. ArtDraw, despite the complications you faced, you are still an amazing editor. GWEN+TRENT, we have seen what you have been capable of in the past, I guess you were a little busy this week. But anyway best of lucky guys.

Who's who in the MSR?

Well you've already saw my predictions throughout the race, I didn't do too badly. Only incorrectly predicted the Bubble Gadgets would be going home for 5 weeks in a row. :/ But now for fun I'll do a new section. Who each of the racers were most like, they're RR/TD equivalents. We've had a few of those already, but this is my version.

  1. Phoenix Wolves: You guys were the Police Cadets. Phoenix was MacArthur, the strong competitor who can be a bit aggressive and got into conflicts with other competitors. Raised By Wolves was Sanders, the calmer, voice-of-reason, who never broke the rules, but later on steps up their game and is just as strong of a competitor. And of course, you came in first place.
  2. Senpais: This was honestly very hard, due to my multiple partner changes. For my time with TheAnimeKid, I think we most closely resembled Sky and Sugar, since it was pointed out Anime acted as the antagonist. The serious contestant forced to pair up with an antagonist who I had to push around, before getting sabotaged. As well as the fact Anime made trouble for other competitors, and got eliminated through executive decision. Plus, I placed in the top 2, while Anime was out a week before the finale. For my time with Gordon, after a lot of thought I think we were Jasmine and Shawn. Gordon came in during the finale, and was a huge help to the previously lone wolf finalist.
    So to sum up, Anime was Sugar, Gordon was Jasmine, and I (Stryzzar) was Sky/Shawn.
  3. Forever Artists: Definitely the Ice Dancers, placed first multiple times in the game, and never placed lower than third. Also, you had a rivalry with the MSR equivalent of the Police Cadets. ArtDraw was Josee, who sometimes played a little dirty, and got into a little conflict with Phoenix. GWEN+TRENT was Jacques, the slightly quieter partner who was less likely of breaking the rules.
  4. Dancing Fans: As everyone has already pointed out, you were definitely the Sisters. Numbuhthreefan was Emma, the more serious and focused on the competition, while TRRFan was Kitty who gets distracted by other things outside the Race. Placing fourth really cements that comparison.
  5. Edit Pros: My pick would be Reality TV Pros, convenient considering what you picked for your team name. Chewy is Noah who was the serious one who dragged around a partner who didn't do much. While Shadowshroom is Owen, the contestant who no one took seriously, but was determined to prove himself. Plus you were sort of "rivals" with the Dancing Fans, while the Reality Pros and Sisters did have an important interaction.
  6. Mystic Warriors: I'll go along with what you decided before. You were the Surfer Dudes. The cheerful team who didn't do much, but ended up placing relatively high. I guess Mughees is closer to Brody, since that's his icon and he has history with Phoenix, the MSR MacArthur. That would make AaliyahMoon Geoff, who is relatively friendly to everyone.
  7. Bubble Gadgets: Narrowly escaping elimination multiple times? Sounds like the Daters, a team who defied logic and made it much further than expected. I guess Gogogadget would be more like Stephanie due to getting banned for one week for misbehaving, while Bubble-Blitz would be Ryan who was made friends with another team.
  8. WES NALE stans: I feel you guys are most like the Vegans. Everyone thought you would make it far, but ended up being fairly early outs. Essentially the "robbed wasted potential" characters. The Vegans are nearly the same character, but I guess VeryUnknownFan would be Laurie due to being fairly vocal to other teams, and how he had an unfair elimination. And by default, X16bit would be Miles.
  9. G.oddesses: Your closest match would be the Rockers. DipDap was Rock, who was focused on the competition, but got weighed down by a lazy partner who did virtually nothing, which would make DestructiveMilkshake Spud.
  10. Ace Trainers: You were the Geniuses. You guys could have dug deep and made it far, especially TDNaruto with his status as a rollback and years of experience on the wiki. But your own performance ended up sealing your fate and left the Race early. I did not take your third out placing into consideration at the time, but it's a fitting coincidence. Booty was probably a closer fit to Ellody, based on the fact that Naurto was largely nonexistent in the Race much like Mary.
  11. Mental Giants: Another hard one, but after some thought the best fit would be Mom & Daughter. DerpyandDawn was Taylor, who was a bit villainous with the whole sockpuppeting thing, but wasn't the true antagonist. Glenn was Kelly, the nicer partner. And the team wasn't very strong as a whole.
  12. Ma Maria was Leonard. No one was really sure why she was a competitor to begin with, and was first to be eliminated.

End Note

Well that's it from me. Hope you enjoyed my commentary blogs and the Race. It was a great experience and we all learned a lot about everyone, especially some of our newer users.

Until next time, that's all from me. This is Stryzzar signing out as your co-host for the Mainspace Race! See ya.

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