♫♪Rudolph the White-Haired Athelete♫♪
Tdas lightning 174x252
Singer(s): Stryzzar
Season: Total Drama All-Stars

After seeing DamiedeterJR's brilliant rendition of Rudolph the White-Haired Black-Guy, I decided to compose my own version:
Rudolph the White-Haired Athelete.

Let me know what you think.


"Rudolph the white-haired athlete,"
"Had a head full of white hair."
"Cuz he got struck by lightning,"
"But he didn’t really seem to care."

"All of the other Vultures,"
"Wanted to get rid of him."
"Cuz he was athletically superior,"
"And his bicep kissing annoyed them."

"Then one All-Stars episode,"
"Chris McLean came to say."
"Rudolph you’re just not very bright,"
"Looks like you’re gonna get eliminated tonight."

"Then all the Vultures were happy,"
"Cuz Rudolph got the Flush of Shame."
"And they kicked their strongest player,"
"Right out of the All-Stars Game."


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