-It does seem obvious at this point that Chris allowed for Harold's move on Courtney to go through mostly as a means to allow for a more unpredictable game. It's obvious: have a nerd stand up to a bully even at...well, Courtney's expense.

-Honestly I don't quite get the whole obsession with the marshmallows this episode. One moment you have Chris eating them in the intro, the next the bear is running amuck with them the whole episode! No wonder the show runs out of them by later stages.

-I really don't get why Chris would even allow for the cast to know the whole set-up for the X-treme challenges outside maybe giving them more to dread. Then again the ones he chose seemed rather appropriate at the time due to their paralleling within the two teams at this point:

  • Trent and DJ being the most accident prone ending up with the free-fall
  • Geoff and Leshawna the ones who handle danger the worst with the "moose ride"
  • Harold and Lindsay the most fragile being the skee-doo challenge.

Honestly I'm a bit surprised Gwen and Owen got the episode off but...well, in Gwen's case, she had other worries.

-And this brings us to the main real focus of the episode: the mysterious "love haiku". It was an intriguing mystery thinking about it, even if Gwen and Bridgette really stunk and failed to even read the first one...well unless the intro thing was the actual reading of it. The weird thing is that there were some subtle hints thinking about it now that probably clued us in on the end result:

  • Harold is probably one of the few characters obsessed with Japanese culture, thus he would know to use a haiku to show his "mad skills". Sure the other boys probably could have at least attempted it, but Harold is one of the few who would do it deliberately.
  • Strangely when Gwen and Bridgette were talking of the haiku in the later stages, we have one scene where Leshawna is riding amuck on the moose and the other where they are speaking near Harold...just before his latest weird embarrasement with the skee-do challenge.

Though if you do think outside the box regarding who could have sent and who should have received the haiku, there were some aspects that really could have been thought of in regards to both ends:

  • Obviously Geoff and Trent are the first main suspects, but somehow I think Duncan was dismissed way too quickly. Sure this is after Courtney's elimination, but he could be on the rebound already with the A-type gone...I mean, he was looking rather suspicious before Trent's challenge so it's not like he could have been innocent.
  • Owen...well, the only girl that he had any sort of now somewhere on the lamb from the RCMP.
  • And even if you do narrow it down to Harold, that doesn't immediately make Leshawna the main target of interest. Later episodes show that Harold does show some interest in Heather once they work some differences out and has even shown niceness to Courtney and's not like he's immune to any female that isn't Leshawna. Of course...he never would show anything towards Gwen or Bridgette outside normal friendship but that's something else altogether. And not to mention...Heather has other things to draw Harold's attentions. (but those I'll get to soon)

Of course for this episode it works considering that Harold had shown interest for Leshawna prior to this revelation so let's just let it be for now.

-Trent just seems to have plummeted into a major joke by this point of the series. It seems like all he is good for is getting violently injured. You have to wonder how the heck he even survived his latest plummet into the ground...probably the same way Sierra collapsed off Hanging Rock.

-It is cool DJ actually won a challenge in that sort of way...but somehow if this was a later episode he'd be screaming for Mama just as he pulled the ripcords in failure...yeah, they overdo that later on, don't they?

-Geoff...well, the only thing he got out of being tossed around by a moose is...learning how to befriend a skunk. While Leshawna...well, somehow this reminds me more of her infamous bike-ride coming up soon. (there's riding with a wild animal...and there's riding with Izzy...sure it's the same thing but you have to realize that)

-Harold's ride on the skee-doo essentially was his last real chance for any sort of redemption for his team after all that had happened prior. Sure there was the whole factor of Heather driving it but it did seem like he really was more interested now in winning and just proving his final shot wasn't just for revenge. Heck even Duncan was supporting him the whole episode. But then...boobies. Just...boobies. The mere fact that Heather actually flashed someone even if it was unintentional was merely epic in my mind so...if you have to go down, at least you go down seeing a really large chest. (not Lindsay large but still huge)

-And speaking of the blonde princess...either it's desperation or she just really wanted that shower that allowed for probably one of her big highlights of the season. Yeah...females and showers...and heck, Lindsay somehow is one of the few who Duncan seems immune to anyway. (probably due to her bubbliness, he needs darkness or attitude to get interested)

-The vote this time pretty much was down to three players: Geoff, Duncan and Harold. Honestly Duncan did his best this time and was just outfoxed by Lindsay...sure there was the whole crash but not enough to make him final 2. And Harold did get all the flags pre-wardrobe malfunction. Probably the weakest of the three and the one I think should have gone was Geoff: when Chris sits there and decides to obsess over having no make-up while Geoff merely takes the worst and shortest rodeo ride know you are on elimination mode. But I guess somehow "boobies" was more of a threat to the show than stinky moose riding this time around. And he even left with the girl and a hero instead of just abandoned by the nightmare of the previous episode...while Leshawna decides to string up Heather some more.

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