-I can sort of get Chef not wanting "dinner" from the last challenge to go to waste (even if the ribs for the most part were gone and the cake was essentially cinders so I guess it was mostly the Bass'), but the straw probably was a bit much in serving the gross stuff.

-On the other hand...considering that DJ really didn't bring Bunny with him to meals prior to now and now suddenly brings it...yeah, a tad easy in telegraphing plot points, are we? I'll get to more on the lepidopteran in a bit.

-You have to admire Chris in finding new and embarrasing ways to exploit his cast, particularly the idea regarding the trust challenges. Heck, with several teams on the edge for the most part by this point (moreso the Gophers who essentially were ripping each other apart after the last several episodes), trust is the last thing any of them have by now. So exploiting it probably works for his advantage.

-The first cliff-climbing challenge didn't really seem to go the way it really could have considering most of it was just "there" and didn't contribute too much compared to who actually was used. Heck, considering that Heather and Gwen are paired off for anything by this point just seems like hell in itself since the two essentially aren't going to agree on anything. DJ with Duncan...meh, it was mostly for plot convenience for the bun.

-Duncan actually showed a lot of bizarre but funny personaltiy with the cliff challenge, both in easily absorbing the hot sauce...and then there was Gwen's panties incident. It's strange that it was so obvious even in this season yet we were all deceived with Trent being there...not to mention Courtney. I just wonder if it was supposed to be like that?

-The second challenge...well, all it tells us is that Lindsay shouldn't be trusted with a knife...ever. At least she's cute in making smily faces on piles of chopped up gloppy fish! Trent for the most part just took the brunt of Lindsay's culinary wrath. And Brigette with Geoff...I'd say something but somehow it seemed like the most non-hint of the whole relation between the two that it isn't worth talking about.

-And now we get to the stupid plot point...and the one that just seems ridiculous: the fall of Bunny #1 and DJ's breakdown because of it. First of all, why the heck did Geoff even keep the bunny around after the first challenge was over with? Bunny should have just rightfully returned to DJ once the cliff challenge was over and none should have been spoken of it again. Why wouldn't DJ just get the bunny back from Geoff, preventing his irresponsibility leading to it's...passing? Second, why would they just have all that just to say "Bunny's gone, let's move the story along?" We got it when the snake ate it (yeah...a snake ate it...recall what DJ's fear was from "Phobia Factor"...he has a new reason to hate snakes now) Third: why would DJ just have such a breakdown even over a lie regarding Bunny's passage? I mean, wouldn't he be happy even if he knew Bunny happily hopped away and he could just find another one so easily? I think he just really takes his cute animal love way too seriously...well aside his Mama love but that's for next season.

-Blind William Tell in reverse...only this show would get away with it. Honestly this just felt like it was tacked on as a means to say "we need an excuse to get rid of Sadie since she has no real purpose anymore and we don't need that stupid curse to keep the Gophers' down, let's just have her hit Courtney a few times with crabapples" But then again, even when she did miss, Sadie still hit the Bear...and Sasquatchanakwa. Yeah she's a bad shot but it isn't that bad.

-The blind trapeeze had one purpose: more torture for Heather. And when Heather gets hurt, people are happy. Well...most people. Lindsay did try to correct herself before that point and Heather was just a tad jumpy and had a tad of a hard time holding off even when correcting it.

-The blind toboggan was...weird. I mean, it just felt like a bit of a sequel to "Up the Creek"...only with Duncan and a Bunny and the Bass losing because DJ wanted to confirm it. Bunnies don't talk so it's not like DJ could audiably hear the little thing but considering how crazy it got with the explosives and with how Gwen and Leshawna went for a crazy ride for a bit (not as crazy as Leshawna's bike ride...but that's not until the insane redhead returns), it just felt like it was sort of giving a bit of a downbeat ending to the Bass's recent successes.

-As for Duncan's achievement, it mostly just obviously gave Courtney more of a reason to have interest in him. It just seems at this point that most of her interest is a combination of slight interest in the bad boy combined with silly bits like this. Somehow though I more liked it from last episode where she vehemently gave denials and then did her little cute bit with the frosting...besides, she really should have been around and realized something when Gwen exposed her panties.

-The vote this time...I just don't get it. Honestly, Harold was in the bottom two!? The same Harold who easily handled Bridgette with the trapeze? Not to mention this had nothing at all to do with the previous episode that was more driven by DJ, Geoff and Duncan pulling those stupid pranks on him. Sadie on the other hand...the only person who had anything against her was Courtney and only Courtney. Getting hit by crabapples does that to a girl. Strangely enough, the biggest loser on the Bass and the one who just should have gone this time is obviously DJ: Bunny ruined everything this time, both in how DJ left it with Geoff without getting it back before it could become snake food...and his checking it by removing the blindfold! I don't get why the heck DJ would be so safe considering he ruined everything for his whole team! Heck, it's really hard to imagine how the heck this episode's votes turned out at all, because even if you take the Harold hatred, that is just three votes...and obviously Sadie can't vote for herself! Either it was a mercy killing so she could reunite with Katie or Courtney just had that much of an influence to get this done...and considering how little anyone listens to Courtney, that's insane in itself.

-And the ending...well I think the "EEEEEEEEEEH" probably was heard island-wide, considering how loud it was.

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