(Yeah, it's "The Sucky Outdoors" but I was tired when I wrote this and the Blog won't let me change it)

-This is the episode where we get...a lot of Katie and Sadie. And that means...a lot of "their theme music". Somehow I always get a chuckle whenever that music comes on, since it's so overdramatic considering their "relationship" between one another. Their whole scenario seemed to mostly mock if not anticipate a lot of the "pairing" breakups and turmoils that seem to go on a lot in this series but...with Katie and Sadie. Though the fact that the two of them were actually fighting did at least show a bit more development than prior when all they were was essentially one homogenous unit that could do no such thing. Though...the fact that we got the bit with the squirrels was just funny in a mocking sort of way.

-Outside the Bobsey Twins, this episode mostly is crucial for setting up a bit more between two of the more notable pairings in the story: Owen/Izzy and Courtney/Duncan. Probably going to start with the former becuase that is a little less touchy:

-It's strange that this episode introduces the idea of Owen being a rabid outdoorsman considering that really didn't seem like part of his personality, either now...or in the future. Somehow with all of his actions later on whenever stranded in the wilderness, seeing him pride about going out with grandpa and taking down a bear (with the intro of his epic "crayon vision") gave us an epic alternate side to the "big eater".

-Likewise, most of Izzy's times in the outdoors...mostly just seems to show her as a wild girl as opposed to merely someone who camps a lot. While later she gets more cartoonish about how she's able to survive out there (see what she pulls by "The Chefshank Redemption"), the fact that she at least has the sense to know you have to "cook the fish" instead of just eating it raw shows that she at least has some sanity still in her at this point.

-I'm trying to figure out how or where the bear costume came from for Izzy to pull her little "trick". Obviously it was sort of just a ruse to make the "real bear" show up and end up make everyone sleep in the trees like cats, but something that massive just can't be hidden or placed in a cabin. Considering what we know of Izzy later on, my guess is she somehow knew that Chris was going to pull a challenge like this and decided to hide a bear costume in the woods just to play as a neat little trick. But then...that probably would mean that Izzy knew of the island and just decided to pretend like she didn't...or maybe she spent time here hiding in the midst of the RCMP being after her.

-On the other side of the equation, we have Duncan..and we have Courtney...and they just keep wanting to kill each other early on. Compared to the Gophers, who obviously had two major forces assisting in their wilderness survival, the Bass (who BTW is down two thanks to Katie and Sadie's little adventure) just have to make do with trying to bare with each other and bare with. Though it is obvious that the "leader", both the "so-called one" (Courtney) and the "real one" (Duncan) would be the key ones in figuring out how to survive in the nightmarish conditions they were trapped in.

-Well OK, maybe not everyone is useless in the wilderness, considering DJ found a make his pet. That little guy is just going to be a lot of trouble.

-Another weird bit of foreshadowing that sort of comes to fruit much sooner than DJ's pet is Bridgette's utter breakdown in the wilderness. It is weird though: for a girl who goes out in the middle of the wilderness of the ocean where she can spend plenty of time alone with the waves, the fact that she just can't make it in the woods just feels off. Of course, being a clumsy blond who hates the woods and is a walking disaster because of it doesn't help or harm...I do like Bridgette but I think that her clumsiness does get a tad overplayed. Of course, this is only the first of two straight involving Bridgette's little "problem"...

-And then there's Duncan's little tale about the mysterious "hook man". While it does seem obvious it is a reference towards "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (the movie version...believe it or not I actually heard the original book way back in middle school), this little tale just seems to pop right up when it needs to...and it has this weird way of making Courtney twinge right towards Duncan. Though it's hard to say if it's because he's hitting on her or just because she sort of respects and likes the leadership (the real one) he's giving to the team since no one listens to her.

-And then of course there was the "alledged cuddling"...well if Cody and Noah and do it...yeah, I know that's wrong to say but weird things happen when you sleep. Courtney probably should have distanced herself away but unfortunately...yeah, she wants him.

-The vote this time was sadly obvious: Katie and Sadie were the main reasons the Bass loss...and it was Katie who ended up finding the blueberries that separated them from the troop...and not knowing where they were...and getting them stuck in a bear cave. One probably could try to make a Bridgette arguement but...unfortunately I guess this time I have to go with consensus.

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