I guess these are mostly for personal consumption but somehow I really don't mind how it turns out if it's just me reading it. Anyway, onto my latest entry:

-Somehow the fact that Eva was able to bring an MP3 player to the camp while the others never really were seen with anything like it just seemed like a set-up to get rid of her through this episode. Strangely I actually don't find Eva that bad, the problem is that most of her character is derived from her anger and her masculine tendencies. Eva's not really that bad, she's issues...with everyone.

-You'd probably expect Tyler to do way better than he did, but as we find out later on he really is mostly a poser for as much he claims he's into sports. And...somehow his dreams are just freaky...who is worse though, him or Cody?

-It's weird to expect Owen to dive more into the beans than the turkey, considering he ended up getting the greater effects of the beans (the weird sleepwalking) than anything really to do with the "trip" he got from the turkey. Oh...and I really need to try Nanaimo bars someday.

-Heather, Lindsay and Beth's "final three" speech feels very foreshadowing...well for two characters. While I know of what Heather pulls in TDWT (let alone her third place finish here) and Beth's final two position in TDA, it stinks Lindsay never really gets any higher than 6th. Then again...she does seem to always make an influence in the final 2 regardless so it's not like it isn't without her own play on things.

-For literally having no lines in this episode, Noah just knows how to get around. He tries to hit on Heather, "attempts" to run leading to utter failure (cardiac arrest?), then the "Cody incident"...he really needs to find a better place to sleep.

-And Cody...yeah, same goes for him. One moment with Owen, the next with Noah...maybe he just swings that way after all, but I can't say that. (and to think he spends all that time with Gwen and Sierra...never mind)

-Gwen's position in the episode mostly seems to be pairing bait this time: sure we got her whole scene with Trent (well several scenes), but there is also the fact that her final partner in the Awake-a-thon is Duncan...they were trying to make up their minds this early in the run, huh?

-Justin...disturbs me. Deceptive and creepy...and this is just TDI!

-Honestly I actually would be interested in the History of Canada, but that's me being a yank wanting to know more about our Northern sue me.

-Sadly the elimination was obvious: though Harold did lag the group behind (even if the 20K run really did nothing and Duncan was more behind his little "accident"), Eva was just manipulated by Heather and just had issues with Courtney leading to her downfall this time. I said it above but honestly Eva just needs something to give her redemption...but with how TDA and TDWT forgot about her and another female with sort of similar situations coming in TDR, I doubt it's coming any time soon. (besides, it's not like we want her turning into Gollum as well like Zeke)

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