-You have to wonder sometimes the judgement of time as to when these things happen in this series. The last episode ended with Sadie still crying over Katie, the Gophers at the Tuck Shop and Courtney and Duncan at the cabin...and this one starts with the Gophers just getting back from the Tuck Shop, the Bass at the fire...and Sadie still at the dock. Someone said it's the next day but...well, either they went back to the Tuck Shop on their own money, this is after the last episode or...Sadie's been at that dock a long, long time.

-Alright Beth, I just have to ask you: are you really scared of bugs? So then...why is there a worm in your green jello? I just wonder if she was trying to get over it...or if she just didn't mind bugs after all and just went on about an old phobia to Gwen all night.

-And speaking of phobias...yeah, that's pretty much the name of the game this time. It isn't uncommon they would all talk about them all at once but somehow the fact Chris would use them against the cast is just sadistic, especially the means by which they did so. Like with the first episode, I think I may as well go over the fears and the handlings in a similar list means:

  • Beth: As I said before: she isn't that scared of bugs...she just seemed like it.
  • DJ: For a guy who likes animals so much, it's strange he has this anti-snake thing. I guess it's just something against reptiles...then again with what happened with Bunny down the line, he has a right to really not like the reptiles.
  • Tyler: Yeah, if someone deep-fried poultry just to have it pop right out at you, I'd be freaked out as well. Makes me wonder if they had chicken on the menu any time during TDWT.
  • Harold: I never got him with the ninjas. I mean he seemed to have a natural defense to the guys, and then he had that line in Before We Die that he wants to be a ninja (and yet he chose to be a samurai in the TV commercial challenge). I think the only explanation I have is this: Harold thinks ninjas are cool, but doesn't like all the sneaking around they do in order to creep people out; thus he prefers samurai but gets the cultural impact of ninjas and doesn't mind them when used like that instead of in their means of assassination...or something like that.
  • Heather: My guess about the sumo is this: she grew up with them (she's stated to have Japanese heritage) and just never really liked all their physicality and huge bodies. Honestly if it weren't for Leshawna, Heather is a natural partner for Harold. (well among other things, including how they both seem to have things against Courtney and Duncan at various times)
  • Leshawna: I guess they screwed Beth up with her. She really was freaked out by that spider. (AKA: future Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails mascot)
  • Owen and Izzy: All together now: Come fly with us...come DIE with us... You do need to wonder how the heck Owen was able to survive the hell of this challenge and then get stuck into season 3 where most of the concept involved flying around the world! I mean sure, he made it this time...but he never got over it and it just haunted him all the way until flying was the big concept! Izzy...well, my guess is her fear has something to do with the RCMP and this disassociated the two...too bad about next time though...oops, too much.
  • Lindsay and Sadie: I think the only reason they shared this was simply to remind us that Lindsay's VA = Katie's VA. It worked though...and strangely this is one of the few notable character moments Sadie had for anyone other than Katie. If she had more moments like this...maybe she could have been more interesting. Oh and as for Lindsay's real fear...well, after reseeing "The Ex-Files", I sort of wonder what would have happened if she survived long enough to walk a mine-field into Area 51?
  • Gwen: This mostly was more to build on Trent and her's relationship than anything. Sort of wonder if she has a deeper claustrophobia...but buried alive is much freakier.
  • Trent: Yeah...that mime was freaky. Just reminded me more of that Dexter's Lab episode where Dexter mutated into a clown and Dee-dee took up mime training to stop him...honestly I never had a fear of either but this mime was a nightmare.
  • Geoff: I think it's not the impact of the hail that he feared, more the size and the impact together. Those little things pack a wallop...and yeah, Lindsay needed a baby cloud just's Lindsay.
  • Bridgette: This fear was actually hinted at last time with how horrible she did in the woods even with everyone else. Being alone in there would just be terrifying but I did state once and will state this again: she spends a lot of time alone in the water surfing so I don't quite get how being alone in the woods would be so different. Then don't have Cody chasing after you.
  • Cody:'s not that he isn't smart enough to stop a time bomb, it's pure pressure. If he could have focused on the task and not the time, he could have made it. Of course, it's strange that he can't handle a time bomb, yet Lindsay and Courtney sort of can as we see in TDA...and TDWT shows Izzy blowing everyone up regardless.
  • Duncan: Let me just say this: Celine evil! Or maybe...cardboard cutouts with huge cheeks that look like that evil woman who sings that scary song from that boat movie (and no, not "The Morning After", that's an enjoyable song and Maureen McGovern does a good job on it...the other song about the other sinking boat!) are the evil things! I mean, if Duncan had to put up with some other celebrity he liked in cardboard, it wouldn't be as bad...but when one of your national treasures is her...yeah. Though at least his success won points with Courtney.
  • Courtney: Poor girl just doesn't like snot-colored jello, isn't her fault. At least she nearly did it...and if it weren't for Gwen pushing her in how horrifying it was, then maybe she could have done it...even if she doesn't until the very end of the storyline.

-Considering only three Bass were really the only ones eligible for elimination, I think that sadly Tyler is the only one that really qualified to leave now. Bridgette only freaked out because Cody threw her out of the woods...and Courtney at least tried to make the green jello jump if it weren't for everyone else pushing her so badly. Tyler...well, the chickens just made him enter a fetal position. Too bad least TDWT gives him some redemption...even if Lindsay (in prophetic final moments) nearly forgets his existence for half her time on the show.

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