-I think Chris really liked the fact that Izzy had such a dramatic and unexpected end considering that he just has this sick sense of tormenting the campers with that helicopter. Considering the budget this show has, it's surprising sometimes to see what Chris can rent out.

-Beans for breakfast...and Owen has more sing "that song". Well...his digestion does it all the time so it's not like a few cans of beans are going to make things better.

-The concept of a deer hunt combined with a paintball game is actually a unique idea. Of course there is the whole matter of trying to figure out which side to fire at but...hey that's what the episode is for.

-DJ decides suddenly to be a deer...yeah, I don't know if it's an impressive impersonation...or a scary one. Hey, anything that helps.

-It's weird how some girls get hotter with deer outfits and others makes it just weird. I mean, Heather actually looked hot with it on...sure she's still arrogant and annoying and evil Heather...but cosplay does that to girls like her.

-I always like whenever Owen goes into one of his weird "outdoors" speeches like here and "The Sucky Outdoors". It's really sad that once we get past this season it just about becomes him being entirely the "eating-and-farting-obsessed" fat guy, so seeing the big dramatic speeches whenever he does them shows there is way more to Owen than what they want us to see.

-The Confessional Booth bits can be a little strange if you think about it: sometimes you see stuff in the booth that only apply to that very moment...but in Cody's case this time, it just pretty much predicted his future before it even happened. I guess they didn't want to spoil something like "utter and bodily injury" again after what happened to Cody. (that or Sierra probably sent a million letters to the network airing the show in this universe talking about how they spoiled Cody's ruin before the bear even got near him and that she would lodge a protest for a show that essentially was just 9 episodes would be weird to think of but this is Sierra we're talking about)

-While Beth really gets more epic and awesome in TDA, this is the episode where we finally see her turn-around begin. Finally realizing how Heather was just using her (and being thrown out of the bathroom after setting her shower up just to be forced back in to do her skin...eww...) and going through a ton of hell just to get potato chips during a challenge appropriately snapped something that made her realize how little of a friend she was. Sadly Lindsay wouldn't get the same realization until later...but then again Beth's mind works way faster than Lindsay's so it's understandable.

-Speaking of the chips: so why the heck did Cody get the same chips as Beth? I mean it seemed like she gave them to him, but they were full again and she said she left very few for Heather just to piss her off anyway. Heck, sometimes you have to wonder about how often the castmates do the challenges the right way.

-Well as much as he was supposed to be over it, a snake frightened DJ even in deer form...I guess he isn't quite over that phobia, huh? (then again his hunter still hates flying...)

-It's hilarious to see how easily the Gophers collapse once you have everything that has been building all season up to then finally just give way so easily. You have Beth and Heather going at it, Leshawna using her terrible vision to her advantage, Lindsay...there, and let's not forget that Owen really makes big speeches but isn't much of a hunter. Besides, seeing Bridgette, Geoff and Harold coming upon them and pelting them so easily made it all worthwhile.

-And then there's Courtney and's weird that Courtney, who tends to look great in most of her outfit changes, just looks weird as a deer compared to Heather. But then again, being stuck with Duncan getting in her way and colliding with her probably either was a secret dream...or just her getting rather aggrevated in things just not going her way while they were at the same time. Heck, there had to be some reason the two just collided antlers without just letting it go.

-The vote sadly was obvious this time around: sure Heather pretty much is slowly causing the collapse of the team and could have even gotten Beth eliminated now if she wanted to; and sure Owen was all flash and no substance as a hunter; but mauled by a bear. Sure way worse has happened and the castmates remain in the show, but I think it was all about his physical and psychological safety by then. (yeah he'd go through way more psychological turmoil in TDWT, but there's a difference between "facing the elements and angry bears" and "facing obsessed fangirls")

-Final Thought: Is it just me or are there way more interesting characters to pair Beth with than Bradey? I mean, I like how she and Cody get along here...and there is also Harold next season! Beth just gets no respect whatsoever.

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