-This episode pretty much seems very crucial regarding establishing Heather's main connections with two characters: Gwen and Lindsay. The former shows that from this point Heather just sees the whole relationship between Gwen and Trent as something that isn't going to work out or that she rather try to ruin things for her own team in the worst possible ways. The latter...well, seeing the witch and the blond work together leading to hilarious hijinx just never gets tiring.

-It's strange that Chris makes Chef the judge for the talent contest but...we never see him at any time in this episode! He's just "there" and we hear no commentary or anything. What's the point of saying Chef is the judge if Chef isn't allowed to be shown in this episode?

-The set-up and the talent contest showing off the various skills of the other characters does seem to realize various aspects that either would be important for the future...or just reflecting something about the characters.

--It's weird we don't hear Trent sing prior to the contest but he's automatically in as set-up for the big finale. The song...yeah, for the most part it was about Gwen...somehow for how "normal" he's supposed to be, doing that makes me think otherwise.

--Katie and, does anyone have any idea what they were doing?

--While DJ doesn't really speak this time around, he still finds a way to...well, yeah. Honestly considering he was taking part, he should have at least had a line.

--Honestly I sort of find it weird that it took until season 3 (and a torture rack) to bring back up Heather's training in ballet. It isn't that important but it did at least demonstrate something about her.

--Bridgette...well, before the "incident", this probably just wasn't the best of episodes for her. But I'll get to her in a bit.

--Somehow while they were obviously saving the surprise, just hearing Harold "breathe" before Courtney throws him away was funny.

--Izzy...well honestly this is the episode where we start really seeing the Izzy we love. Sure the first one had her bump into a dock but it's weird she didn't get to truly show off until 5 episodes in. And...yeah, she has Owen right between the eyes.

--Tyler...well at least his yo-yo maneuvers are good for catching Lindsay.

--It's weird how talented Courtney is but doesn't really have a huge outlet for it or a desire to show it most times due to her A-type personality. But unfortunately she can't be as laid back as many of the others.

--Geoff was Geoff...honestly it's hard to say what his skateboarding has to do with him in my head.

--And Justin...I think that we're starting to get a huge hint for season 2 with how Lindsay and Beth reacted...Owen too but he has a mancrush from the start. And...I never got his actual performance either.

-The way Cody was used in this episode at least trying to get Gwen's attention before the contest...heck, Cody's whole usage in this episode at least trying to hit on Gwen while she's showing interest in Trent just shows his undying attention towards her. Honestly I just imagine Sierra watching those scenes and rewinding them to watch over and over...yeah, Sierra would do that.

-I feel sorry for Bridgette in this episode considering all she ends up going through. Unfortunately she just seems super-accident prone and it sort of is her main fault with her typical coolness. Though someone should have warned her to not do her act around a practicing Courtney...or to eat before her performance. Seriously, if she knew she was about to go on she would have just avoided all chips before the performance. And her relation with Courtney was just so erratic: one moment they hated each other, the next it was love. I mean I honestly thought Courtney should have punished Bridgette but she probably was desperate to get something to win the challenge.

-The diary...yeah, the diary. Honestly Heather just seemed too obsessed in taking Gwen down to remember this was for the team. If she was more focused on the prize instead of her jealousy of breaking Gwen and Trent apart, then she should have just stuck to her ballet and then Harold would have been a non-factor. But she just left that opening for the Bass by choosing to break apart someone she couldn't stand...not a very smart move.

-Honestly it would have felt awkward that Harold saved the team twice in two straight episodes but considering this is the beginnings of "rapper beatboxer Harold", it's crucial development that had to get out there. But as I said before: this was character development so it had to be done.

-The one who should have gone out was Heather...but strangely this episode and what happened felt like a fusion of it's own story and sort of the key prologue to TDA. Not only was performance a key, but what happens to Justin just becomes crucial to his character development from here on. My guess is that seeing how his looks took him at this point combined with his anger for what was done to him in a manipulative vote made him awaken his devious side...sure it isn't like Courtney, Heather or Alejandro, but Justin at least knew what he had and used it.

-And the ending...yeah, payback is a red ant farm on this show :P

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