-Chris' line at the beginning involving "whether his contract will be given another season" does remind me that Blaineley was offered the show originally. For all we know, Chris could have declined and everyone's favorite "fake blond schemer" would be our host from the next season on...but then it's Blaineley.

-It's really hard to figure out from the start what exactly the "movie" they were trying to watch was. It did seem like a weird fusion of "Friday the 13th" (except not at a camp...since they were rented out), "Halloween" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". In other words: movies Duncan, Gwen and Izzy would love to watch over and over and that would make DJ go insane without his mama around.

-You would wish somehow that seeing how great Duncan and Gwen were getting along with their love of horror movies and the graphic gross and sick stuff that goes on in them that...well, Courtney would be paying close attention to this episode. It seemed like she mostly passed it off until next season since it's tough to remember how she even took it with her mind still on "destroy Harold" mode.

-I'm sort of confused about how or why the heck Chris and Chef would make that big performance regarding leaving the island on the Boat of Losers if they were just going to hide and watch the mayhem from another part of the island. Where exactly did the Boat of Losers go to after their "departure"? For all we know, it would have been a bit spookier if they just found the bag without seeing Chef and Chris obviously run off, thus building up to the fact that Chris was punking them and Chef was the "murderer" in this scenario. (though Chris' tent does seem like a pre-TDA concept of him watching the mayhem like it was in a movie...heck this whole episode seems to be a TDA-pilot disguised as a TDI episode)

-Yeah, Heather would have sense to try and ignore the insanity of the horror-movie challenge but that's dangerous on this show. Ignorance makes you punked even worse.

-Is it just me or is Izzy and Owen speaking in the third person in this episode seem a tad disturbing. Izzy I get since she's pretty much nearly lost all her marbles by this point, but Owen doing it really seems rather OOC in a weird way. And the making out did seem a tad random outside the theme...though probably it's just "Izzy knew they were doomed so she decided to play along with it anyway...since she's Izzy."

-So just we're on the same page here: Duncan still has his "hook" (that he once scared "Jumpy McChicken" with), Chris has his own hook as does Chef...and the actual killer has his own hook. That's four hooks on one island at the same time...and no one noticed it until now...why?

-The whole cliff sequence just reminded me a bit too much of something stupid like some other show would least Owen's version of it. I guess sometimes it's not that funny when you just intentionally put weird things on a place to try and bring humor. But then again...Izzy doing it on purpose was sort of funny.

-And so quickly as Owen and Izzy finally seem like a couple...that they finally reach Chris' base and Izzy wants nothing to do with Owen. I guess the horror movie concept just doesn't work with him even if the movies themselves aren't too bad.

-Why the heck would Geoff fall for something as ridiculous as an ice cream truck in the middle of the woods? I mean sure the island may have a Tuck Shop, but wouldn't he have more sense than that? He's not an uber-idiot like some characters, he's just rather short in attention span.

-And DJ...well, my guess is DJ never saw a woman cleaning up after herself...and Heather looked rather grotesque with her mask and her hairy legs. He's been through so much this season with everything that something probably just had to make him crack...and Heather did it. (even if it was unintentional)

-I think once this challenge is over, Heather really needs to reseee "Psycho". If there's one thing to not do in a horror movie scenario, it's take a shower.

-I really like Leshawna's approach regarding the "psycho killer": with what she's probably grown up with in her life, she has seen and faced worse. And when you have seen the worst humans can do to themselves...monsters aren't as scary. Besides, she got brownies/nanaimo bars out of it!

-Duncan's seen so many movies that confronting the Psycho Killer himself just seemed natural. Of course there is still the factor of the "surprise ending"...or the more unexpected of the duo taking "it" down...but I think he probably ruined one of Bridgette's abandoned surfboards and beat Chef with a fish so it's not like a problem on his end.

-And then there's Gwen...and the real Psycho Killer. It's at this point you probably realize that maybe Chris knew this nut escaped and decided to use the lack of information through the island and the whole idea of "a horror movie at a summer camp" to his advantage, not knowing it would show up there...and confront Gwen. But of course Gwen is sort of like Duncan in that manner in trying to face fears...though in her case, it ended up saving her life and winning immunity for facing the real monster. Probably one of the few times that someone won for something other than what was really supposed to be done...then again Gwen and Duncan would be involved in something similar come TDWT: a horror challenge, someone doing the right thing but Gwen doing something else that merits a greater reward. (of course in TDWT it ended up being with Courtney...and screwing with the next few episodes)

-The elimination was sort of obvious this time, but there were other options to consider. One of whom is Geoff: come on, he should be smart enough to know that ice cream trucks don't wander around campgrounds in the middle of Canada in the middle of the night! The other is Heather: sure it's her first time she doesn't win immunity in a while, but she just gave up on the challenge at the start and had to have the old Janet Leigh maneuver to force her out into the open. But DJ was essentially the obvious and best choice ultimately: it wasn't just he was scared of the movie and the Psycho's that he was scared of Heather as well. Oh well, it's strange to see DJ taken out through this...but at least it's not as screwed up as what DJ is forced to go through the next two seasons!

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