-I think that if one person should be the main reason as to why Courtney and Duncan even started to notice one another, it has to be Harold. Think about it: Duncan was second in the Awake-a-Thon, then Harold's snoring (which isn't his fault) makes him lose sleep, getting Courtney's wrath. As for why Courtney would be wrathful against Harold for Duncan (well prior to...that incident), I guess it's just her hormones kicking in, but that's me. And of course think about this: Harold was around for most of the Courtney/Duncan situation in TDA...and the duo literally imploded once he was kicked out early in TDWT...yeah, I say that really makes Harold their Cupid, huh?

-Somehow when Harold has that weird "catwalk" dream at the start of the episode, I actually thought he knew of the mustache at that point and just wanted to point out how cool he looked. Sadly he didn't know until after he got to the Bass table.

-This and the previous episode have finally given me a better appreciation for Tyler. He's such an oblivious poser yet just doesn't realize it...or doesn't want to realize it. Though it really isn't his fault Lindsay's affair with him just ends up being against Heather's "policies".

-Speaking of Lindsay...yeah, all those balls. It is a funny gag but just because you're a dumb cute busty blonde doesn't make you an automatic target for being hit and abused. Yeah it was funny (and I found it weird that Katie hit her since...same VA), but I think they really need to think of the stake of the endangered Lindsays of the world.

-This episode proves perfectly why Katie really deserved to have more of a character development out of Sadie. She actually did really, really well in dodgeball and has shown signs she can do things on her own. Sadly...the fact that she has Sadie just ends up being a major problem with both of their characters. I really wish one would show more of this more often...then again it's hard to say anything on Sadie with her weakness in dodgeball compared to Katie.

-The major Gophers who took part in the dodgeball showdown seemed to have some sort of superhuman skill...well outside Lindsay and her powers as a living sponge/dodgeball magnet. In particular we have Owen (the monster) and Cody (the genius of practicality...heck the static electricity move is just cool)

-Noah...well, honestly Chris said someone had to sit out to make it even and he volunteered so it's not like he was going against the rules. Of course he didn't make it easy with all the sarcasm but that's part of who he was.

-Strangely, Noah wasn't the only one who seemed to show a severe dodgeball weakness: what the heck happened to you, Izzy? You have done all these weird and insane things that are coming in the future and you really suck at dodgeball? I mean look at her: she goes out around the time Duncan takes control of the game, gets eliminated easily and then sits out about as much as Noah! Honestly, considering all the bizarre eliminations Izzy undertakes, this is probably as close as she got to a conventional, normal one! (then again aside the dock incident, Izzy is rather normal at this's next time that the real wack-job we love starts to shine through)

-There's just so much coupling or coupling potential shown off in this episode: obviously we get Courtney/Duncan and Lindsay/Tyler, but we also get our first real ideas of the likes of Leshawna/Harold and Gwen/Cody as well. I wonder if it was all intentional?

-The climax of this episode sort of just seemed like a means to redeem Harold after all he previously pulled. Its strange that Harold does get two straight "saving the Bass" moments...but this one was mostly due to proving that...well, he stinks at throwing but isn't bad at dodging or catching.

-The vote...well, taking into account Lindsay's protection via Heather (who of course is...Heather at this point), it just felt like it was down to Noah and Izzy...and obviously Noah was the biggest target. Sure Izzy stunk and did little considering it's...Izzy (and all the insane stuff she pulls later on), but Noah literally got the ire of even Trent and Owen...and considering how Noah and Owen became buds and didn't even vote each other off by TDWT, seeing Owen hate Noah like that just seemed shocking even if it sadly was well deserved.

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