-And so with ten campers remaining, we finally make it to the "merger", with an even five males (Geoff, Duncan, DJ, Owen, Trent) and girls (Gwen, Leshawna, Lindsay, Heather, Bridgette). Not only do these 10 seem to survive to judge on the others at the end, but there is also the whole matter of next season...though as I mentioned before, there is another cut-off if you get into TDA members but I guess by this point they just knew they had a cast and decided that Harold and Courtney...brought something more as well. Sure it's just going to get a bit more uneven, but it works for the circumstances of the episode...the gross and weird circumstances, but the circumstances regardless.

-Bridgette just goes through a lot in this episode, pretty much from the start. Of the Bass, she and Geoff are the only real couple still on the island, which also seems to include all "cross-pollinated couples" (like Lindsay/Tyler or Harold/Leshawna), so breaking them up now destroys the possibility of further chemistry with them not in "obsessive make-out mode" as of yet.

-And making matters worse, Bridgette now for the most part is the new girl stuck in the war that exists between Leshawna and Gwen...and Heather. (Lindsay...well she's sort of stuck but we know her scenario by now) Honestly while Bridgette usually is a good peace-maker, the whole "Heather" problem has been built up for half a season already, and it isn't like someone even of her even demeanor is going to do anything to stop her dominating the others in some fashion or another. And obviously with many of the "weaker" players gone and the teams broken up, Heather just wants to find a way to dominate over everyone.

-Geoff is sort of a strange bird considering everything that has happened up to now: he shows so much potential as a leader and even can find a way to outdo Owen in bodily functions. And yet...after this season, it's forgotten except for him controlling the TD Aftermath show. Honestly if Geoff ever got back on the show (and wasn't obsessed with Bridgette while on it akin to TDA), he would just be scary, maybe even enough to make it to the end.

-And now we get to the challenge...the Brunch of Disgustingness. Yeah...this is probably one of the sickest episodes of the show, but it was meant to be considering this is both pushing the cast and the audience to new levels of insanity. I guess I'll get to it bit by bit:

  • Course 1: Yeah...I know there are cultures where they do eat the testicles of animals still just feels wrong. Of course the guys would have a hard time, especially the more sensitive ones like Trent or DJ. And Bridgette...well, vegetarianism is more a principal than an actual way of life. When stuck on something this insane, it's alright to cheat as long as you admit that you have no choice in the matter.
  • Course 2: Honestly the pizza really is one of the better things they had to put up with. Heck, they eat bugs all the time in other cultures...sure it would feel weird to have it tingle but at least it isn't some of the other choices. Oh and Bridgette's usage of zen meditation on Lindsay really was a nice interactive moment for the two of them.
  • Course 3: I think Snoopy said it best about Woodstock: "Why does he always talk about worms whenever I eat spaghetti?" Though the hairballs are new.
  • Course 4: Yeah, I think by this point Chef just pulls out whatever he can, including his own body parts. But a funnel...makes the pain easier to put up with.
  • Courses 5-8: The ABC gum and the sandal isn't too bad and the garbage stew is essentially recooked from the Basic Training challenge. But the skunk sweat...yeah, that probably goes too far in the weirdness.
  • Course 9: Just keep repeating over and over, Bridgette: they're your friends, they're your friends. I guess somehow Chris was angry over the whole incident with the cooking challenge and fired the delivery man...that's all I can think about how they could make dolphin weiners so easily.
  • Extra Challenge: Honestly, it's simple if you think about it: Owen just eats anything. Sure it will lead to most of the cast vomiting uncontrollably but Owen will take down even cockroach puree. Besides, they're just like the grasshoppers from the pizza...well the same family anyway.

-And in the end...well, it's just a mid-point episode: no one goes home, the boys relax for a bit, Bridgette is saddened by her new scenario and the mere concept of "dolphin hot dogs"...and we progress to merged teams. Of course, just because the cast is set...doesn't mean a few changes won't happen...

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