Hello there.My name is Alex,and my nickname here,as you can see,is Stormeus2001.

So,I was randomly searching for contestants' pages on this wikia and decided to join the chat room,as I noticed there were people.I remember using the chat before,months ago,but I've been inactive since then.

Soon after I joined,people started to say that I'm some person named "Spirit" just because I have 0 edits.Does that make sense?No,I don't really think so!

I tried to ask them kindly who Spirit is and why they really think it was me,but nah.I told them that they can check my IP,but soon,someone named "Raised By Wolves" came and banned me!That isn't fair at all!

If there's a chance you guys can check my IP,please do.Also,I think the admin that banned me for no apparent reason deserves to be punished.

I don't feel comfortable at all.Why are some people here so arrogant and why do they start fights when they have no proof?Whoever that person is,that's not my business,and I don't think I deserve to be punished for his actions!

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