I hear a lot of people talking about how much a lot they are, I am here to prove they are written almost completely differently. Taylor is portrayed to be merely a Spoiled Brat while Amy is portrayed as being downright evil. To clarify, Taylor was raised to believe everything in life belongs to her and that it's fine to whine and hold your breath until you get what you want. Taylor was raised to believe that parents are servants who cater to their children's every whim, from her perspective there is nothing wrong with how she treats mother, it's perfectly acceptable and normal behavior. She was raised to believe that you don't need to work any for awards and trophies, that you can sit on your ass and talent will just come to you. That's why she didn't compete in the challenges and let her mother do the heavy lifting. Everything Taylor says and does is attributed to her upbringing as a Spoiled Brat than her just being "mean" for the sake of it. While with Amy she seems to enjoy asserting her dominance over others, especially Samey whom is actually abused by her sister. Amy is just outright malicious to her sister, she thinks of her as only a spare Amy. Everything Amy says and does just makes you hate her and wish you could stick your hand into the screen and strangle the b**ch.

This is why I feel Taylor is a much more complex and compelling character than the flat one note sterotypical evil Alpha B**ch Amy.

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