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My question would this show really qualify as a show made for children? It has nudity, swearing, groin and breast jokes, quite a bit of violence, etc. The first episode alone has numerous inappropitate for children dialogue that I don't see how it would fly on a kids show such as Heather telling Duncan to "get bent" or DJ saying "Oh crap!" at the end of the episode. One of the World Tour challenges is singing about how they have to strip a guard down. It has several implications of inter-species romance such`as Blaineley intimately hugging a bear and lets not forget that plant named Larry who's baby looks very much like Chris. There's also gay jokes like Chris and Chef's occasional flirting with each other, one episode has Chris in Chef's arms rocking him like a baby. It also has implied drug references such as Gwen acting crazy and rapping after being stabbed by Cody's Epipen. Not to mention there's family-unfriendly animal abuse like Chris shooting an eagle out of the sky or Chris badly beating up a bird to an implied fatal extent in Top Dog.  

I don't recall most other Cartoon Network shows having this level of maturity. Was this show ever considered for an adult audience or is it really for children?

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