• Stephenwithaphd14

    An average arrival, on an average boat. Stepping onto an unstable dock, walking over to an unstable TV host named Chris. The summer was starting off on a rather horrible note. Not to say I knew anything about singing, but I know what a sour note sounds like. Well, in this case, what it feels like. I'm not much of an optimist, and this camp wasn't going to change that.

    Luckily for me, I wasn't the first to arrive. Waiting alongside Chris were three others, named: Gwen, Owen, and Cody. Gwen seemed like the loner type, dressed in all black, with black hair (plus a strip of blue); yeah she seemed a little intimidating, but in a cool way. Owen was the complete opposite, big, happy, and loud. I lost count over how many times he'd said the word "dud…

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