Okay, so now I'm going to post a user blog about my favorite stuff and least favorite stuff. First, I'm going to start with my favorite stuff since it's the easiest to start with and if you like any of these items I list comment on it:


Linkin Park (This band is just awesome! Totally love their style of music to be honest.)

Three Days Grace (This band straight out rocks! What's not for me to like about them?)

Nirvana (The Best Grunge Period. I don't know how many times I stress this one, but even disbanded and Kurt Cobain deceased (R.I.P. 1967-1993), they're just good stuff.)

Avenged Sevenfold (Great band here. Especially with their metalcore years, this band also gets the same label of awesomeness.)

Slipknot (The band is wicked crazy! Corey Taylor got mad skills when it comes to singing Slipknot's songs. I also got my talk signature idea and possible catchphase from one of their songs called, "Spit It Out.")

Aerosmith (I like their duet with Run D.M.C. and I like some of their songs and it's called, "Walk This Way" in the duet form.)

Nickelback (They rock! Totally entertaining band with a number of awesome songs.)

Metallica (Love this band, especially with their good old thrash metal and good music and still like them.)

Smash Mouth (This band was good in the 90's really talented. Gotta love this band.)

Paramore (Hayley Williams rocks this band and ironically a good band.)

Third Eye Blind (Another one that was a good 90's band and talented.)

Backstreet Boys (The Best Boy Band compared to The Jonas crap Brothers, I'll get into this later. May not be rock, but doesn't matter, they are the best boy band.)

There is a lot of stuff I like, so I may not list all of them due to the reason I want room for the least favorites. Now I'm to talk about my least favorite stuff and explain why I hate these certain individuals I list with a burning passion:

Least Favorites:

The Jonas Brothers (I can't stand these stupid idiots. They can't sing, they are posers and Casnovas, and there is no reason why they are famous other than a tool used for pre-adolescent girls to have crush on. They intentionally murdered Kim Wilde's hit song, "Kids in America" with their stupid song, "Kids of the Future" before Joe Jonas intentionally plagiarized the song, forgot the lyrics, disgraced her, and disgrace all boy bands by acting like a clownish idiot. It's disgusting! I hate them so much. Backstreet Boys and *N Sync are boy bands and they do their jobs right.)

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus (She is also only getting attention from Disney corps, because her daddy, who is 10,000 times better of a singer than her made her famous & prompting her using her stupid mindless endless insanely annoying TV series and concerts.)

Twilight (I hate Twilight a lot, even though it's not music. Edward Cullen is disgusting! First of all, he is a disgrace to vampires - he is a pedophile, stalker, vegetarian, over-obesessive glittering, narcisstic freakshow. The book itself is also a disgrace to literature itself. Second, vampires don't pass off the opportunity to eat a good female victim or any kind of victim whether male or female. I don't have anything against vampires. Simply put, Edward is a disgrace to them. Dracula is a vampire and he does the job right as such.)

If you don't hate one of these items I listed here, don't comment on it. I just simply hate these three things.

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