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Monday, May 24

Since I was ousted from the game. I completely understand. I had some computer problems lately, but since it's back in shape I decided to post my first blog ever. This is my official "Countdown to 10,000" Blog. I will follow LF271's and WM's format and do power rankings, elimination predictions, and reflections on eliminations

Editing Gophers:

5.TotalDramaFan1000- Low edit count defines it.

4.TDA ROCKS- Fluffing and adding a bunch of useless information in trivia sections. Not good.

3.Tdifan24- I haven't saw much of you yet, but at least he plays the game fairly.

2.Courtney~Duncan~TDA- She's been a target for TDA ROCKS for a few weeks, but she's playing the game and scoring good edits.

1.TDIFan13- Good editor here. No conflicting situations. Keep it up!

Killer Editors:

4.NinjaIzzy- Nowhere to run now. She is getting edgy here and may be taking the day.

3.Lindsayfan271- He jumps all over the place. He gone from good to not good. High to low. I don't know where to place him.

2.KittyTDA98- She had an impressive edit count in the past few weeks, she's taking the game by storm.

1.Ragingblaze592- Good editor. Really working hard. This is good. Keep it up!

Well, I made a pretty good blog and now I'm going to rest. Don't forget don't add any useless information in the trivia sections because then we have to erase it again. Don't forget that. See ya.

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Friday, May 28

I had other problems so I was late with my thoughts. Today here comes my elimination thoughts.

Elimination Thoughts:

Editing Gophers: TDA ROCKS keeps undoing his own stuff and will probably be booted this week if he don't quit undo his own material every time meaning twice to three times.

Killer Editors: KittyTDA98 didn't do much this week and it's pretty disappointing. She'll probably be booted if her team loses this week as she haven't edited that much.

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Saturday, May 29

There were two eliminations from two from two different teams. Now I'll be posting my thoughts about the eliminations.

Post Elimination Thoughts:

Killer Editors: Lindsayfan271 has been the first involved in the double elimination this week which was very shocking. Now he will be posting blogs like me since he is now eliminated.

Editing Gophers: TDA ROCKS has also been eliminated. Not very surpised at this as I knew what happen. I don't feel too much shock as you undone your own edits over two to three although we do it once when we make a mistake, but not multiple times.

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Monday, May 31

Last night was a tragedy. Our edits that we ever had have been deducted 4-8 edits depending on how many times we've edited on the talk page it have been deducted from, but we could always gain edits. Now for the Power Rankings.

Editing Gophers:

4.Tdifan24-Not in a good situation right now. Playing the game, but have some big conflicts to deal with.

3.TDIFan13-Good, but he has a conflicting situation with Tdifan24, which won't do him much good either.

2.Courtney~Duncan~TDA-If she was in the finals, she would win for sure, but still a conflicting situations.

1.TotalDramaFan1000-He got better. Good editing and no conflicting situations during the game. Epic win.

Killer Editors:

3.KittyTDA98-Her edits are dying very slowly. Nuff' said.

2.NinjaIzzy-Very active. Good editor. There is a good sign here.

1.Ragingblaze592-Great editor. Some big numbers here.

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Thursday, June 3

I was busy lately, but I'm gonna post this blog anyways. I was surprised the teams were merged.

Elimination Thoughts:

Tdifan24-You're likely next to go no doubt. You aren't editing too much lately and so many conflicts besides.

TDIFan13- You are starting to lackluster in mainspace edits more than before now.

KittyTDA98- Also, lacklustering in edits now. I haven't saw much of you lately.

So easy. So fast.

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Tuesday, June 8

Again, a late invite, but still let's go over it.

Competing People:

6.TDIFan13-Your edits are starting to lackluster now and the lacklusting is not good.

5.Tdifan24-Your conflicts with everyone in the game may get you karma points for this and also the fact I probably don't see you enough maybe.

4.NinjaIzzy-You are a great editor and everything, but your edits are starting to die.

3.Ragingblaze592-Great editor. Very consistent, but there's always two other people with higher power as usual.

2.Courtney~Duncan~TDA-You edit like the storm here and really getting the hang of it.

1.TotalDramaFan1000-He is really epic. He gone from last to first in like days of our lifes. Enough said.

I'm done here. Enjoy looking at your routinal time. I'm out.

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