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  • Stephen"Zap"

    Just Stopping By

    October 17, 2013 by Stephen"Zap"


    Hello, everybody.

    Just stopping by. How are you guys doing?If you don't remember me, I'm Stephen"Zap", former user on this wiki back in 2010 and 2011. I'm just stopping by because... I missed a lot of the friendly faces back here.

    So... what's up?

    ZapSpit it out!All I wanna do is stamp you out! 22:06, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Stephen"Zap"

    This was on my mind for awhile and I just wanted to say. As you all know, I think the reason Beth made it so far in TDA was because no one really paid attention to her. I mean come on she wasn't a big of a threat. Owen=Season 1 Winner, Duncan=Strong, and Courtney=Competitive, smart, etc. What does Beth got? The answer is "nothing". In the TDA finale, it was very obvious Duncan was gonna win anyways (I liked that he won TDA, but still). Now, if Lindsay was in the Final 2 of TDA, then it would have been more interesting and you wouldn't know who you want to win. Now, please explain why do you who want Beth to win wanted her to when? I'm not trying to go against anyone's opinions or anything, but I just want to know why. This is just my opini…

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  • Stephen"Zap"

    I'm back from the dead because the spoilers have deceased and TDWT offically ended in America! Heather won TDWT! YAY! :) You got your Zap back now because he is rising back from the dead. ZOMBIES! Unfortunately, I may not be committed these next few days because of school and life, but other than that, friends and everyone I know, I'm back!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ZapSpit it out!All I wanna do is stamp you out! 22:10, November 16, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Stephen"Zap"

    Okay, so now I'm going to post a user blog about my favorite stuff and least favorite stuff. First, I'm going to start with my favorite stuff since it's the easiest to start with and if you like any of these items I list comment on it:


    Linkin Park (This band is just awesome! Totally love their style of music to be honest.)

    Three Days Grace (This band straight out rocks! What's not for me to like about them?)

    Nirvana (The Best Grunge Period. I don't know how many times I stress this one, but even disbanded and Kurt Cobain deceased (R.I.P. 1967-1993), they're just good stuff.)

    Avenged Sevenfold (Great band here. Especially with their metalcore years, this band also gets the same label of awesomeness.)

    Slipknot (The band is wicked crazy!…

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  • Stephen"Zap"

    Blog Entry(1)

    Monday, May 24

    Since I was ousted from the game. I completely understand. I had some computer problems lately, but since it's back in shape I decided to post my first blog ever. This is my official "Countdown to 10,000" Blog. I will follow LF271's and WM's format and do power rankings, elimination predictions, and reflections on eliminations

    5.TotalDramaFan1000- Low edit count defines it.

    4.TDA ROCKS- Fluffing and adding a bunch of useless information in trivia sections. Not good.

    3.Tdifan24- I haven't saw much of you yet, but at least he plays the game fairly.

    2.Courtney~Duncan~TDA- She's been a target for TDA ROCKS for a few weeks, but she's playing the game and scoring good edits.

    1.TDIFan13- Good editor here. No conflicting situ…

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