Total Drama All Stars Episode 1 (Heroes Vs Villains)

Quote of the Episode: "Wow, somebody who finally appreciates my killer zingers!"

Fine, fine, it's just a normal review. Whatever. In a nutshell, this was an okay-ish episode, but the worst season opener due to weird pacing. I felt like I got a better sense of the characters in ROTI's opening, and that was with a brand new cast!

Best Character Duncan - Was pretty decent! I was worried about him after that unpleasant "I might as well be dating Courtney" quote from the trailers, but that was just about his worst moment in the episode. We got a few hints again of softie Duncan, which made me happy, and his friendly attitude towards Jo was wonderful. Speaking of which...

Best Character of the Episode - Was everyone's favorite nicknamer, Jo. Being a smart strategist, forming a friendship with Duncan, providing pretty much all of the laughs for the day, and winning the challenge for her team all in the very first episode? That was a quick way to land in my instant good books.

Most Surprisingly Likable Character in the Episode - Scott! Partially as a Mike fan and partially because he's Scott, Iet's just say I'm not his biggest supporter. He's like the Umbridge of the show. That being said, his crippling phobia of sharks was actually kind of adorable and sympathetic. I think it's because for once, it's him just being genuine rather than a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little--


Most Suprisingly Unlikeable Character in the Episode - Sierra talked less about Cody in Total Drama World Tour, for Pete's sake!

Awesomest Thing in the Episode - The villains actually getting to keep their reward! That new, much more interesting Immunity Idol system. Might actually be a challenge to figure it out this time.

Lamest Thing in the Episode - Alejandro's reveal. NO BUILDUP. Just completely boring and not worth the hype. Plus, no handwave about his voice? For shame. He was more interesting as a robot this season, actually. And way more adorkable, that too.