By review I pretty much mean gush my opinions about it and the characters I focused on.

Scott is a bit more likable now that he’s cheating to help his team, not to mention how Jo just blows off his challenge-throwing suggestion. The more they torture him the more fun it is, amiright?

Raises hand as the only person outside the show who actually laughed at robo-Scott.

Cameron again got like five lines this episode, but they were good ones. I particularly enjoyed his “Um you and Zoey were saying the same thing”, as well as a display of his typical tactlessness regarding Mike’s disorder. If it were any other character, it’d piss me off, but that’s like part of Cammy’s personality. Honestly, for never having been socialized, you've got to give the kid credit. 

Duncan didn’t get much time, but he was alright. Gwen should’ve paid more attention to him.

Lightning was hilarious. I sincerely hope he never sha-shuddups.

Alejandro's reveal makes it make a lot more sense why his arms were fine but he couldn't walk; he was faking it. Good villany, bro! Although, how awkward is it going to be if he slips up?


…Alright, I’ll just cut to the chase. MIKE. 

I’m so excited for where this plotline is going. It implies that Mike will definitely be in for the long haul this season, because no way are they going to throw away an opportunity like that.  His mentioning of “finding Manitoba” is a nice bit of continuity, showing that Cameron’s help regarding his triggers has paid off a bit. One wonders what spurred on this return of Evil!Mike. Maybe the stress of the show?  

Great, now I'm a fan of the emo-haired fanfic wanabee. 

Like I ever had better taste in characters?

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