Why? Because I like ranking favorites. Well, until I get around 6 or 7. Then it actually gets hard.

(Stellafera glances at her unfinished character ranking sheet)

So, yeah... Enjoy the list, though, and add your own thoughts if you want. 


It was a very narrow choice between this and Paintball Deer Hunter, but it won out in the end.


Mostly because the other episode was only really good for the Gopher showdown (and funny Duncney). Why do I like this episode? Elementary. I'm a Cody fan. 

And not only did Cody prove to be a swell guy in this episode, it also had some fun moments with Courtney and Bridgette's friendship, as well as just the team pairings in general. I'm happy to label this my 5th favorite episode!

EPISODE NUMBER 4: A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Not at all influenced by an amazing fanfic I read concerning it. Still a solid episode in its own right.

Again, I debated picking Runaway Model, but that was pretty much only good for Jo. This one was good for everybody and introduced two new things I liked about Mike; Manitoba Smith, and his wonderful friendship with Cameron. Seriously. I friendship those two so hard. 

Also a shining episode for Brick, who left with honor, and a fun Ezekiel cameo (Zombie!Zeke is pretty much the show's Derpy to me). I don't know where it'll be on your list, but it's #4 on mine

EPISODE NUMBER 3: I See London...

A solid episode that... oh forget it. NOAH. WE ALL KNOW HE CARRIED THE WHOLE THING. NOAH.

The great thing about this episode was that not only was Noah extemely hilarious, but he was extremely relatable, too. I'm sort of the comedian out of my friends, so that was an insta-identify right there.

Courtney/Gwen friendship, Owen/Noah friendship, Tyler being Tyler, and Derpy Zombie!Zeke? The only bad thing about this episode is that it kicked off a rather poor series of other episodes. Oh well.

EPISODE NUMBER 2: Full Metal Drama

The only episode funnier than I See London. Everybody got something hilarious in. Even Justin!

Duncan and Harold, as always for TDA, completely carried the episode, but Admiral Lindsay made a guest appearance on "The Duncan And Harold Show", and it was glorious.

Not only was it funny, it also got Duncan and Harold to develop some respect for each other, which I loved. If I had written the season I bet it would've ended in them being BFFs and this is why I don't write Total Drama and MOVING ON

EPSIODE NUMBER 1: Planes, Trains, And Hot Air Mobiles

Best Challenge/Final Three/Endgame/Season/Song/Ever Ever ever! Ever? Ever. Ever ever...

The funny thing about World Tour is that I disliked the whole run of episodes between Duncan returning and leaving. When he's my favorite character. And yet it was my favorite season. Why?

Because the endgame was THIS.

Just a brilliant challenge. It's so open ended and nothing quite like it had happened before. The goal is literally to get, somehow, from the middle of nowhere in Canada to Hawaii. Brilliant. 

Cody and Sierra's friendship? Amazing? Heather and Alejandro? Amazing? Everything? Amazing. Yep.

I hope you enjoyed my list, and again, feel free to comment on it or make your own!

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