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    Stella "Reviews" Evil Dread

    September 18, 2013 by Stellafera

    By review I pretty much mean gush my opinions about it and the characters I focused on.

    Scott is a bit more likable now that he’s cheating to help his team, not to mention how Jo just blows off his challenge-throwing suggestion. The more they torture him the more fun it is, amiright?

    Raises hand as the only person outside the show who actually laughed at robo-Scott.

    Cameron again got like five lines this episode, but they were good ones. I particularly enjoyed his “Um you and Zoey were saying the same thing”, as well as a display of his typical tactlessness regarding Mike’s disorder. If it were any other character, it’d piss me off, but that’s like part of Cammy’s personality. Honestly, for never having been socialized, you've got to give the…

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  • Stellafera

    Fine, fine, it's just a normal review. Whatever. In a nutshell, this was an okay-ish episode, but the worst season opener due to weird pacing. I felt like I got a better sense of the characters in ROTI's opening, and that was with a brand new cast!

    Best Character Duncan - Was pretty decent! I was worried about him after that unpleasant "I might as well be dating Courtney" quote from the trailers, but that was just about his worst moment in the episode. We got a few hints again of softie Duncan, which made me happy, and his friendly attitude towards Jo was wonderful. Speaking of which...

    Best Character of the Episode - Was everyone's favorite nicknamer, Jo. Being a smart strategist, forming a friendship with Duncan, providing pretty much all of…

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  • Stellafera

    Why? Because I like ranking favorites. Well, until I get around 6 or 7. Then it actually gets hard.

    (Stellafera glances at her unfinished character ranking sheet)

    So, yeah... Enjoy the list, though, and add your own thoughts if you want. 

    It was a very narrow choice between this and Paintball Deer Hunter, but it won out in the end.

    Mostly because the other episode was only really good for the Gopher showdown (and funny Duncney). Why do I like this episode? Elementary. I'm a Cody fan. 

    And not only did Cody prove to be a swell guy in this episode, it also had some fun moments with Courtney and Bridgette's friendship, as well as just the team pairings in general. I'm happy to label this my 5th favorite episode!

    Not at all influenced by an amazing …

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  • Stellafera

    Pretty self explanatory. Which character in the Total Drama series do you think you're the most similar to?

    Me, I'm what would happen if you put Noah and Zoey into a blender. Noah's situation in I See London...  basically describes my relationship with all of my friends, and I'm irritatingly insecure but also rather friendly like Zoey. 

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  • Stellafera

    I've seen a lot of discussion about characters lately, so I figured a question about episodes instead would spark everybody's interest. 

    What do you think makes a good episode? Is it the challenges, even representation of characters, or something else? How does your favorite episode use these traits? How does your least favorite episode not use these traits?

    All these questions and more to be answered...


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