I know there has been a lot of backlash about the latest season of Total Drama, Total Drama: All-Stars. Lots of people disliked the season, (including myself) but I'm pretty sure there is a smidge of good things that happened... Right? Like in Total Drama Action, it was a huge letdown from Total Drama Island. But hey at least they developed some good characters. Now I'm wondering, what did you guys like about Total Drama: All-Stars?

  • What I liked:
    • High quality picture. Why? The show just looks better in HD in my opinion.
    • The first and second generation contestants interactions. Despite the fact not much of them interacted with each other, it was still good to see them interact.
    • Heroes vs. Villains Theme. I liked how they based this season's teams Heroes vs. Villains style rather then regular teams.
    • AleHeather. Yes, I'm an AlejandroXHeather fan. And I'm pretty happy the writers decided to have them hook up already.
    • Izzy's cameo. I was frankly surprised she had a cameo in Suckers Punched. But it was EPIC! I'm so glad she appeared. I felt bad for her though, getting beat up from Mal and such. :/
    • Camp themed. I'm frankly happy they set the season camp style at Camp Wawanakwa again.

So, what did you guys like about All-Stars?

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