Hello people and friends so, I'm a BIG fan of Caption Crunch and The Game so I decided to make a something called Total Drama Impressions everyday, I'll put up a Total Drama Contestant's name and you'll have to put your best impression and the team's I like the most wins! This is the casting call. To get in:

  • Please be active.
  • You have to be active on the wiki to sign up.
  • Be able to compete each day.
  • Be polite to others.
  • Know all the contestant's personalties.

That is all. Also, I want to thank: Webkinz Mania & Nalyd Renrut for giving me this idea :) casting will end on April 16, 2012. That is also when the official cast will be confirmed. Good luck everybody :)

Also, to audition, just type in your username in the comments box.

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