Hello fellow wikians! TJ here. I noticed here and the Fanfiction wikia, people have been doing a lot of character rankings. And I mean a lot. So I decided I'd do something similar. What is it you may ask? My opinions on the Total Drama cast. I've already done a characters ranking, (Which can be found on my userpage) so I thought this would be the next best thing to do. Let's begin shall we? I'll be doing the characters in random order by the way. Also, there will be three parts.

I have to admit, when the stereotypes of the second generation contestants were revealed, I was so-so about Staci. I thought I was going to hate her, but I shocked myself. The fact she told the others her great-great-great-great-great- grandparents invented important things we use today was HILARIOUS. I even lol'ed more when she was starting to annoy her teammates. You could just tell by there faces they wanted her out of the game quick. Even B was angry. But my only beef with her is that her only lines were about her grandparents. But other than that, she was a decent character for me. I know that if she competes in a future season and the writes tone down her lying and give her good development, she'll likely get more fans. But I knew with a personality like the one she has, that she'd be a first out. And I was dead right. She only competed in one episode of Total Drama. It's too bad though, I felt the writers could do so much with her. Maybe like, villain bait?

Bigez Harold Rankings
Oh gosh, I love Harold so much. His goofiness and nerdy ways get me every time. His interactions with Duncan, Heather, and Leshawna were great. His conflict with Duncan was definitely entertaining to me. You definitely laugh when they start going at it. With Leshawna, I was definitely surprised Harold revealed he had a crush on her. Sure I should've seen it coming, but I didn't it. I definitely support them as a possible couple. Too bad they weren't in all-stars to develop they're status. Heather though, it was interesting to see the two of them interact in Total Drama Action. I loved how they had a half conflict half friendship interaction. The interactions he has also isn't what makes him my favorite contestant. Its.... HIS MAD SKILLZ! Doi. His epicness in beatboxing in Not Quite Famous made me go: Wut.... The I started crying uncontrollably. Don't forget his epicness in the dodgeball challenge. Who knew he was actually decent in the athletic department. His development in Total Drama Action was so great it's too hard to put into words. Let's just put it this way, he was my favorite that season along side Lindsay.

That's all I'm gonna do for now, because It's one o'clock where I live and I'm really tired. Don't worry though, I'll update soon again in the morning. Bye!

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