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    I know there has been a lot of backlash about the latest season of Total Drama, Total Drama: All-Stars. Lots of people disliked the season, (including myself) but I'm pretty sure there is a smidge of good things that happened... Right? Like in Total Drama Action, it was a huge letdown from Total Drama Island. But hey at least they developed some good characters. Now I'm wondering, what did you guys like about Total Drama: All-Stars?

    • What I liked:
      • High quality picture. Why? The show just looks better in HD in my opinion.
      • The first and second generation contestants interactions. Despite the fact not much of them interacted with each other, it was still good to see them interact.
      • Heroes vs. Villains Theme. I liked how they based this season's tea…
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  • Stars&Straps20
    Hello fellow wikians! TJ here. I noticed here and the Fanfiction wikia, people have been doing a lot of character rankings. And I mean a lot. So I decided I'd do something similar. What is it you may ask? My opinions on the Total Drama cast. I've already done a characters ranking, (Which can be found on my userpage) so I thought this would be the next best thing to do. Let's begin shall we? I'll be doing the characters in random order by the way. Also, there will be three parts.

    I have to admit, when the stereotypes of the second generation contestants were revealed, I was so-so about Staci. I thought I was going to hate her, but I shocked myself. The fact she told the others her great-great-great-great-great- grandparents invented imp…
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    Hey guys, TJ here. Boy, was I gone for a while. XD Anyway, now that Total Drama All-Stars has finished airing in the United States, I feel I should get a few things off my chest about the fifth season. (WARNING: If you are not a fan of rants, do not continue reading. below is a large and long rant.

    Oh well, I warned you...............

    Before the season started I was all hyped up, excited, and just couldn't wait for Total Drama: All-Stars to start........ I was soon gonna be disappointed. I'll start off with the cast. When I first read the full cast list, I was okay about it. Notice how I said ok. I had only two major problems with the cast. What were the problems? Sam and the number of all-stars. On what earth is Sam an all-star people?! He on…

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    This is my Total Drama Season 5 Prediction.

    Coming Soon! :)

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    Hello people and friends so, I'm a BIG fan of Caption Crunch and The Game so I decided to make a something called Total Drama Impressions everyday, I'll put up a Total Drama Contestant's name and you'll have to put your best impression and the team's I like the most wins! This is the casting call. To get in:

    • Please be active.
    • You have to be active on the wiki to sign up.
    • Be able to compete each day.
    • Be polite to others.
    • Know all the contestant's personalties.

    That is all. Also, I want to thank: Webkinz Mania & Nalyd Renrut for giving me this idea :) casting will end on April 16, 2012. That is also when the official cast will be confirmed. Good luck everybody :)

    Also, to audition, just type in your username in the comments box.

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