To be edited as I reach farther along the series. Have fun guessing!!

1. Who, on Total Drama Action, can NEVER remember that her boyfriend is not there?

2. Who, on Total Drama Action, does Gwen call a narcissist?

3. On Total Drama Island, who was afraid of green jelly?

4. In Total Drama World Tour, DJ got his curse where?

5. Between Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, who changed her name to Kaleidoscope (E-scope for short)?

6. What was the first Total Drama Action genre?

7. Who tricked Trent into kissing her on Total Drama Island?

8. The winner of Total Drama Island was who?

9. Owen loves who without really realizing it?

10. Who was in charge of the monster on Total Drama Action?

11. On Total Drama Island, what animal was Heather assigned to trap?

12. When dropped by the monster in Total Drama Action, everyone fell where?

13. In Total Drama Action LeShawna calls Harold what?

14. Heather really liked Lindsay and Beth. True or false?

15. What is fake in the Total Drama Action set?

16. Who was the first eliminated person in Total Drama World Tour?

17. When do we first get a good look at the Total Drama Action monster?

18. Trent chooses what over the eggs in Total Drama Action?

19. What does Izzy have inserted in her neck?

20. Who wears a pink dress periodically by order of Chris?

21. What female Total Drama character do I sound like when I have laryngitis and my voice isn’t completely gone?

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