• Sportfan514

    football week 2

    September 18, 2010 by Sportfan514

    Alright guys week 2 of football prediction time

    Bills vs Packers- Packers

    Dolphins vs Vikings- Vikings

    Chiefs vs Browns- Chiefs

    Bears vs Cowboys- Cowboys

    Cardinals vs Falcons- Cardinals

    Bucs vs Panthers- Panthers

    Eagles vs Lions- Eagles

    Bengals vs Ravens- Ravens

    Steelers vs Titans- Titans

    Seahawks vs Broncos- Broncos

    Rams vs Raiders- Rams

    Redskins vs Texans- Texans

    Chargers vs Jaguars- Chargers

    Giants vs Colts - Giants all da way

    Saints vs 49ers- Saints


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  • Sportfan514

    As many of u no football starts very soon. So everyweek this season I am making a blog and u can predict who will win each of the games. So here are week 1 games: (make your prediction as a comment)

    Vikings vs Saints- Saints.

    Browns vs Buccaneers- Browns.

    Dolphins vs Bills- Dolphins

    Bengals vs Patriots- Bengals

    Colts vs Texans - Colts

    Broncos vs Jaguars- Jaguars

    Falcons vs Steelers- Falcons

    Raiders vs Titans- Titans

    Giants vs Panthers - Giants all the way they the best.

    Lions vs Bears- Lions

    Cardinals vs Rams- Rams

    Packers vs Eagles- Packers

    49ers vs Seahawks- 49ers and Taylor Mays my boy from USC will get a pick.

    Cowboys vs Redskins- Cowboys sadly I hate them

    Ravens vs Jets- Ravens

    Chargers vs Cheifs- Chargers

    You don't have to predict everygame

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  • Sportfan514


    March 21, 2010 by Sportfan514

    ok guys this is a serious crisis. Users are leaving. Why are they leaving. Is it because TDA is over? They are saying I will come back soon. Also users are saying alot of users don't like me or nobody knows me. What should we do? I won't leave don't worry.

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  • Sportfan514

    giants 8 8

    redskins 4 12

    eagles 11 5

    cowboys 11 5

    saints 13 3

    panthers 8 8

    falcons 9 7

    buccaneers 3 13

    vikings 12 4

    bears 7 9

    packers 11 5

    lions 2 14

    cardinals 10 6

    49ers 8 8

    seahawks 5 11

    rams 1 15

    jets 7 9

    dolphins 7 9

    bills 6 10

    patriots 10 6

    colts 14 2

    titans 8 8

    texans 9 7

    jaguars 7 9

    chargers 13 3

    chiefs 4 12

    raiders 5 11

    broncos 8 8

    steelers 9 7

    bengals 10 6

    ravens 9 7

    browns 5 11

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  • Sportfan514

    22. beth. she is so wierd

    21.noah lazy

    20. ezikiel wierd

    19.sadie sooo annoying

    18 katie same

    17eva  crazy

    16 tyler thinks he is so cool

    15 justin got izzy trent and gwen eliminated

    14 harold wierd

    13 cody funny but annoting

    12 leshawna thinks she is so beautiful

    11 geoff fame hungry

    10 lindsey funny but dumb

    9 dj i like but i like other characters more

    8 gwen i like but she got moved down a little bc of trent

    7 trent went crazy

    6 bridgette nice and caring

    5 heather funny 

    4 courtney evil

    3 duncan he is so cool 

    2 owen so funny

    1 izzy crazy funny  

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