Hi! Since this is my first blog post since I was blocked (I've changed, life has been a whirlwind and I've learned a thing or two while dealing with some things), I decided to create this blog talking about my hopes and my predictions. These are two different things.


My hopes for this new season is a full returnee season. The last two "new cast" seasons have been lackluster, and while All-Stars was a mess, I'm sure they've probably learned the lean away from another Mike and Zoey. I would choose Boney Island as a setting. I think it feels fitting. The main theme of the season would be more redemption than All-Stars 2. The characters returning may have flopped in their previous season or made a move that screwed them over in the long run, along with losing friendships and relationships with others. The cast size would be 24 contestants and there would be 26 episodes. 


First Generation: Courtney, Eva, Leshawna, Lindsay, Duncan, Owen, Harold, Tyler

Second Generation: Anne Maria, Brick, Jo, Dawn, Lightning, Scott, Cameron, Staci

Third Generation: Dave, Sky, Sugar, Ella, Scarlett, Max, Topher, Amy

Amy returns instead of a male because the Pahkitew Island males were very lackluster in my opinion. 

Teams are similar to TDA, where three winners pick schoolyard style who is on each team. There are three total teams.

I think Jo would be a perfect main antagonist as a strategist, while Amy is eliminated slightly after the halfway part and is the secondary antagonist, who is rude socially. I see Sky and Dave solving things early and leaving. Staci has a few little moments but is also an early boot. In the end, I would make the final 2 females only. I would choose Leshawna and Lindsay, with Jo in 4th and Lightning/Brick in third/fifth. They're interchangeable but Jo would have a masculine alliance with the two of them and eventually flips to beat Leshawna/Lindsay in the final 2. I would prefer this season to almost be a mirror of Revenge of the Island, with many females merging and more males leaving early. Not because I hate males, but because that rarely happens.


This section will be sort of short because I think in coming time I'll change this due to more information about the season. I think it's going to be All-Stars 2 or Blood vs. Water due to Christine saying we could see more family stuff. I think the "big five" or whatever will return with family members, and the other 6 spots would go to other PI/ROTI players. 22 contestants in all. 


What are your thoughts on my hopes and predictions?

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